LMCOA Annual General Meeting, 2008

Annual General Meeting Minutes Saturday, 26 July 2008 10:00 am

Directors Present: Beetli Kiernicki, Dick Brennan, Ed Pilon, Ron Servatius, Jerry Behnke

The meeting started at 10:04 a.m. in The Lodge, Main Dining Room. Thank you new owners and care taker Cliff Spratt who provided the facility free of charge. Registration was smoothly handled starting at 9:15 by Sue Servatius, Linda Brennan and Marilyn Behnke. Donuts, muffins, cookies, coffee and tea were from Tim Horton’s, while Uncle Ed brought the water and juice. A petition for better phone service by Bell and obtaining information for a “history of the lake” book was handled nicely by Beetli Kiernicki.

AGENDA: Introductions by the president: Ken Kennedy, Vern Peterson, town councilors, who happened to be 2 of the 3 members of the finance committee, the board of directors and query for new members on the lake. There were no new members present since last year.

Opening Remarks by the president included a summary of board action taken in response to requests by the membership last year improve the docks, retaining wall and entry parking area, by reference of an 18 August 2007 letter the secretary wrote to the mayor and town council, a 9 October 2007 meeting with Lila Cyr, the Town foreman, lake members Ben Kaufman, Don Udell, Moe Bell, president Ed Pilon. On 6 November, 2007, communication with Town indicated some items would be taken care of, but no action on the retaining wall would occur until the membership approved a retaining wall design at the 2008 AGM. Ed asked if the town councilors would like to be moved up to this point on the Agenda. So it was.

Councilors Kennedy and Peterson spoke in replacement of Lila Cyr and apologized for her absence, saying she was in the hospital. They listened carefully. They commented on some issues, and expressed surprise because some things had not been done when they were informed otherwise. Jean Denaro would like to see the handicap dock pole back in place after the dock was worked on. On safety issues, in general, Vern Peterson informed the membership the LMCA could call the Public Works Foreman or City Clerk Ken Corbiere for action, since they are authorized to make those decisions. But, our concerns a some safety issues involving the docks would be taken care of this next week. Nancy Harz said to the council members present nothing asked for had been addressed on our lake, but the Town takes care of itself, people comment on the lovely approaches to town, but are appalled by our approach to the lake. Also, our board is doing a great job trying to get things done and communicating what is happening. Money for the sea wall was a bottom line problem. Councilor Vern Peterson explained not for about 3 years would/could anything be done because of a million dollar shortfall in funding. Consideration and design would occur this year, engineering started in 2 years, construction the third year was the possible timeline. Tom Dool held that Town Council should do something on paper for Agenda action this year leading to more rapid completion of the engineering, since it is a not a big money item. We have the basic design, and last year all was put on hold because of conflicts within the membership about design and Town Council was waiting for our vote, now. The basic presentation was over. Jim Hogg gave thanks to the council members that we have good dock attendants again. Beetli Kiernicki motioned that any one member of the Executive, with Board approval, may speak for the General Membership to governmental agencies (as was done with requesting repair/improvement of the sea wall last year, and issues of the water level problems). Von Dilloway seconded. Carried with hearty yeas. No objections. Councilors were shown a design, Lila Cyr has the design, also. Comments from the Members: Sharon Dupuis reiterated what has been expressed as an ongoing concern at General and Board meeting. We are getting older and few younger people are replacing us. There is more need for handicapped/help aids. More stanchions around the docks would be a great help for climbing in and out of boats. Joe Lopez asked why ladders, no swimming/fishing signs or life rings are rejected by the Town. Dick Brennan related Joe’s near-drowning last year. Cheryl Wright asked why can’t we provide safety items. John Grabowski reiterated. Vern Peterson explained they were advised signs admit there is problem . . . Jim Hogg stated there are lines and rings all around southern Ontario, where he lived. Tom Dool said this will bring problems to the Town when we have brought problems to its attention. The councilors would look at the questionable issues with an insurance company and the Association would look at an insurance company about the same issues, if we chose to install safety devices and information signs ourselves. Dennis Davey reiterated the Town must get things done, and asked if a relative breakdown of our tax base and other lakes comparing their services to what we get could be made. Vern Peterson was interested in this new perspective and will massage his computer and send us a copy of the results. Tom Dool queried Vern about our status as a provincial park and asked if the Town could get grant funding for the sea wall. It will be checked. Overnight Parking was questioned. Answer: there have been flagrant violators who have had 1-2 letters about action. Ken Kennedy suggested we put a mention of overnight parking issues in our Newsletter. Handicap parking was adequate. But need was expressed for more and with stanchions on the general dock. The outhouse would not be moved, by agreement here, but it would be serviced more often. Nancy Harz suggested we get volunteers to clean up the landing area, with the Town providing the materials. Vern Peterson was all for the cooperative effort! He said there is no clear guideline about what municipalities must do. Ken Kennedy explained 3 dump passes per year are free from the municipal offices for each resident who wants to dump big loads. Dump days are Monday, Thursday & Saturday. (Jerry Behnke also gave the dump dates at the dock, reminding all to call the waste hauler the Friday before about what to expect.) Recycling: a bin is not possible – people use them for regular trash. Bringing boxes to the end of the lake was a possiblity, but seemed impractical. Best solution: take a container to Town, and empty it at the big gray building behind Tulloch Automotive across from the Fire Department and Information/Tourism Center. Association will post a sign at the Welcome House about where to recycle, dump and when.

Ed brought up the need for some one to do the Newsletter: Hannilee Dool volunteered to do the Newsletter. There was no objection.

Treasurer’s Report, given by Ed Pilon for Jerry Behnke because of Jerry’s involvement with Town on retaining wall design. Savings as of March 31, 2008 were $11,015.54. Checking Account as of July 28 was $1684.41 with $290 in recent memberships. With revenues from the meeting today and water testing expense reimbursement we will have well over $2000. Copies of the total report were available for members. No major expenses were noted. Von Dilloway motioned for acceptance. Jeanne Denaro seconded. Carried. Ed brought up the ever present question, “We have all this money, what do we do with it?” He threw out some ideas the directors discussed at our last board meeting to promote goodwill with the Town and assist with some of their needs and beneficial to us. They were: spending dollars to support Community Days or some kids activities; support the Library (separate from Town . . part of a larger network) and international internet usage; support the Dragon Boat races, engage in volunteerism with LMCA in areas of need with Town activities. Nancy Harz volunteered to chair a committee. Moe Bell advised holding on Library donations because they are separate corporation from the Town and its need for funding and some new funding is expected to alleviate our concerns. She did promote the other ideas. Von Dilloway thought these were good ideas, but we still need grab poles around the docks, signs, lines and rings to grab. Kathryn Lowther asked if something couldn’t be done about getting the Bell Phone Booth at the Lodge running again. Cliff Spratt, a past president of the Association, is the caretaker at the Lodge. Consensus welled for action to spend money in positive ways and be involved with the Town, from Ed Pilon’s proposal and John Grawbowski’s support. Beetli Kiernicki motioned that the membership authorize the spending of up to $2000 money by the Board for any activities and that the limit be used for covering the Town, Library and volunteerism items of activity discussed and recommended by a committee to the Board. Tom Dool second. Tom Dool motioned that Nancy Harz be the chair of the Donations Committee and one member of the committee include a Board member (to bring back the committee recommendations for action/approval to the Board.) Jim Hogg second. There was hearty approval and the plan carried.

Secretary’s Report, given by Ron Servatius. A condensed reading of the minutes was made, since copies could not be distributed. It was noted that the full minutes have been posted on the website at www.matinenda.ca and that this site may need to be accessed by a second click of the mouse, if message comes up saying, “no site exists ” click the “try www.matinenda.ca”. Von Dilloway motioned for approval. Cheryl Wright, second. Carried.

Water Lake Partners Quality Report, given by Dick Brennan. McDonald’s Bay, 2 locations, Stover’s Point, Baker’s Bay and 68 Bay are checked for phosphates by clarity 2 times a month. There is a 20% improvement this year over last. We have a “very healthy lake.” Dick spoke with Algoma Health Unit Officer Beth Wood about water samples. High density area inspections will be completed this year in McDonald Bay and the upper end.

Helo Pad Update, given next by Beetli Kiernicki. No designated helo pad area is needed any longer. Helicopter pilot may determine the drop location and pickup. ORNGE has GPS coordinates of prime locations on Matinenda. The only reason for a marked, lighted and kept Helo Pad (expensive) is landing at night. All calls for emergency must go through 911 for their dispatch and determination about action.

MNR Update, given by Ed Pilon. The MNR is still finalizing plans for summer limit sizes and season length. Starting in 2010 there will be changes, whether it will close in July or Labor Day. There are no regulations at this time about transporting live bait. Matinenda is in great shape with trout regeneration. Question was raised if there are no regulations regarding transport of live bait, can non-residents trap their own minnows in the lake of use. Answer: no. Question about closing Matinenda fishing in the winter was raised since large numbers of trout are taken then, and Chiblow Lake, with others are closed. Answer seemed to indicate this is not an item on the MNR agenda.

Hazardous Waste, Recycling and Dump Day Reports, given by Jerry Behnke. Hazardous waste pickup because it is so expensive will be done next year and worked well in the summer, as last, reported Ken Kennedy. Jesse’s and Tulloch’s take batteries. (Also found out afterward: Howson’s will give $1.50 for every battery (lead-acid) taken in, per Herb Herriman.) Call the Friday before a large item pick up date comes up, (800- 430-7778) so haulers know what to expect. Dates next are 8/11 and 9/18 and 10/20.

911 Signs Report, given by Beetli Kiernicki. Signs may be picked up at the Municipal Offices. But they are here at the dock attendents office at this time.

New Business

Memorials, names given by Ron Servatius. Those who have left us: Preston Wells, association founder; Winnifred Hall, Garnett McGillvary, Roland Villenuve, past Association president, Marge Luxon, Stan Ritchie, Rudi Wildman, Nancy Wright, and Bela Peterfrieze. A memorial gathering is scheduled for Marge Luxon at Roy’s Northland on Sunday, August 3 from 1-4 p.m.

Island Naming: The Town of Blind River requests our support for the naming of Godfrey Island in McDonald Bay. It had been know as Wheeler’s Island. Tom Dool motioned for approval, Beetli Kiernicki seconded. Carried/no dissent.

Lila Cyr, Councillor – absent but represented by Ken Kenney and Vern Peterson, previously.

Continuation of Water Quality Inspections – covered previously. Other Items: Limits for Board spending without AGM approval. This was handled with the $2000 limit for spending in the motion for Donations committee to promote goodwill between the Town and the LMCA. More GoodWill. Tom Dool motioned and Margo Faegre seconded to send flowers from the Association to Lila Cyr. Carried/no dissent.

Item: Whether Board or AGM determines on a yearly basis the officers. Nancy Harz motioned directors are elected for 2 year terms at the AGM and officers chosen by the directors. John Grabowski seconded. Tom Dool promoted this action. Jim Hamilton, from his union experience supported an all member vote for directors and for officers. Keith Cameron agreed with Tom. Dr.Caroline Bledsoe said careful selection is critical but flexibility necessary. Motion carried/no dissent.

Nominations for Directors: Beetli Kiernicki, Dick Brennan, Ed Pilon terms are over. Beetli and Dick are not going to stand, but will assist with projects they have been involved with before. Nominees with first and seconds: Ed Pilon, Tom Dool, Jim Hamilton, John Grabowski, Janet Servatius. It was agreed by consensus that although the Board had been reduced from 9 to 5, a couple more people, would provide more ideas, and choices for necessary positions. Von Dilloway, motioned, with Myrna Ziebert seconding, the installment of the 5 named nominees as directors and increase the Board from 5 to 7. Carried/no dissent.

Ed Pilon asked that the membership hear Dennis Orendt from the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (www.oowa.org) since we all are committed to maintaining a clean lake. Mr. Orendt had a table with information on the organization and treatment systems. He explained they were working with the Ontario Ministry involved with building codes to consult about the writing of laws for water treatment of all properties. Sweeping across Ontario to check building code compliance, inspectors would be checking every toilet, drain and cesspool. Orders for violators to comply, issuing fines or denying use of property when violations were not corrected would start after January 1, 2009. He said the Algoma Health Unit can only inspect, but not make recommendations. (This begs the question, why inspect if no recommendations can be made? And, if no recommendations can be made, how are violations corrected and by whose authority?)

The meeting adjourned by acclamation at 12:40.

Respectfully Submitted, Ronald Frank Servatius, Director/Secretary (as reviewed by the Board on August 13, 2008)