Rabies Information

Howdy everyone…….Just wanted to pass on some important information to those who will be spending time at their cabin on Lake Matinenda this summer.

Authorities have issued a rabies warning for Northern Ontario with respect to any and I emphasize the word any contact with bats. According to the Health Department, 38 reports were filed on these rodents in the last year and there were at least two confirmed cases of rabies as of this date. The health official stated that any contact with a bat, either dead or living, should be reported to the Health Unit,and in our case the Blind River Public Health Unit. Most people have some knowledge of the deadly disease and that infection with rabies that is not treated is fatal. Health officials were concerned with the fact that if a bat did come in contact with someone that the saliva from the bat could be passed to that person through a cut or fly bite, hence this serious warning.

Spoke with Lisa at the Health Unit today and she mentioned that if you wake up and find a bat flying around you, this is what you should do: Contact the Health Unit immediately as the bat could have bitten you or a family member while you were asleep. Lisa mentioned that you might not have even felt the critter bite you. Also, remember your other family members: your pets! If they get bitten by a bat, they have to be treated.

Lisa said there was a positive case of rabies (by a bat) on the Manitoulin Island last summer. She also pointed out that anyone could read about rabies and bats on their website at Algoma Public Health.

Hope this warning doesn’t drive you too ‘batty’ and see you at the lake…….trapper pete