Lake Matinenda Cottagers Association

A constitution relating generally to affairs of The Lake Matinenda Cottager Owners Association

1.  Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to encourage and promote

  1. communication, friendship and fellowship among cottage owners,
  2. conservation of the natural beauty and resources of the Lake,
  3. water safety,
  4. efforts to support the highest possible sanitation,
  5. cooperation with Public Agencies to continually improve Lake facilities.

2.  Membership

All private property owners on Lake Matinenda are entitled to membership in the Association.  To be a member in good standing, the member must have paid their membership dues for the current year, as prescribed by the Association.  The household of a member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote, on matters pertaining to the business and operation of the Association.  The voting right of a  member in good standing may be delegated by proxy.

3. Associate Membership

Associate membership shall be available to anyone paying current Association dues.  Associate member shall be entitled to all amenities of the Association, with the exception that, an Associate member will not have voting rights on matters pertaining to the business and operation of the Association.

4. Board of Directors

  1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors ( the “Board”) comprised of not less than ( 5 ) and not more than ( 9 ) elected members including the executive officers.
  2. Each elected member of the Board of Directors shall be a member in good standing and shall remain in good standing throughout their term.
  3. Executive Officers of the Board shall be elected at the first meeting of the newly elected Board of Directors and shall consist of:
    1. a President,
    2. a Vice President,
    3. a Secretary,
    4. a Treasurer.

    At the Board’s discretion the office of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.

  4. The term of office for all elected members of the Board of Directors shall be two years.
  5. The majority of the Board of Directors must, by requirements of incorporation, be Canadian citizens.

5. Meetings

An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in July or August.  Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Board.  A quorum for meeting shall be 33% of the membership.

6. Dues

Annual Association dues shall be determined by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting each year.

7.  Committees

Standing committees and/or special committees may be appointed by the Board President.

8.  Contracts

The Association may enter into contracts with other organizations, either private or public, which serve to benefit the Association.  All contracts entered into shall be approved by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting or special meeting.

9.  Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution shall be made by notice of motion and approved by two thirds of the voting membership at the Annual General Meeting.

10.  Business Conduct

All business conducted by the Lake Matinenda Cottagers Association will be in accordance with By-Law No. 1, a by-law relating generally to the conduct of business and affairs of the corporation know as Lake Matinenda Cottagers Association.