Fall Update November 2023

Hello Everyone!

A few quick updates from our LMCOA Board:

□   Action required by all of us:    

By December 1st all trailers need to be removed from the Matinenda parking lot to allow for winter snow clearing.  The town has moved the garbage bins to the back of the parking lot to allow for ease of movement for the snow plows.

□   Items completed over the last two months:

We have been working to file all tax information on behalf of the association to ensure that we are up to date. We are now caught up for the last five years and we will wait to hear from Revenue Canada.

As agreed during the AGM we have been researching liability options for the Association including board members and volunteers.  We have completed this selection and the liability insurance will start Jan 1st 2024.

Starting next year, we are excited to be introducing some Fire Smart initiatives. Stay tuned and beginning in January watch for this insightful information.

Twenty-seven issues have been raised with the town through 2023 on behalf of the Association.  To date 85% are resolved for all of us.  We will continue to work on improvements.

If you have any questions, please reach out to any or all of the board members via the “Contact Us” link on the home page…

Boat Launch Closure

Updated on Friday, August 11, 2023 3:21 PM EDT by Town of Blind River

Affected Locations: Lake Matinenda Landing

Necessary repairs are scheduled to be completed on the docks at Matinenda Landing. Please be advised that access to the seasonal docks at the landing will be temporarily unavailable for 2 – 4 hours starting at 8 am on August 15th starting at 8 am.

Thank you for your patience as we work to ensure safe access to the lake for all members of the public.

Please avoid the landing during this time, as any disruptions will only serve to extend the duration of the lack of access.

Full Details

If the button above is not selectable you may copy and paste the following URL into your web browser directly: https://ca.voyent-alert.com/v/000v9Yh

Message from your Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association President:

For those that could join our AGM thank you so much for your active participation. We have followed up with a few of you to keep our discussions and work going. Our new board has met and defined roles for the 2023-2024 season. This team will work together to help foster our Lake Matinenda community and drive improvements for access and safety. Please see your Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association board members below and feel free to reach out to any member.You can also reach us on our Facebook page or through the contact us on our website Matinenda.ca.
Remember to talk with your lake neighbours and if they aren’t on the association please share our efforts and encourage them to join. Membership has gone up from 66 to 92 since the AGM. We would like to hear from all voices so we are representing the full community.


President:  Ann Marie Sullivan
Vice President: Elaine Bouchard
Secretary:  Billie-Jo Martin
Treasurer: June Krupka
Judy DiMarco
Claudette Trudeau
Jennifer Gerard
Paul White
Don Barill

2023 Annual General Meeting

Just a reminder to all Cottagers that this year’s AGM will be held on Saturday July 29th at 11:00am (registration opens at 10:45am). Usual location adjacent to Campgrounds. We look forward to seeing everyone there…..

Landing Waste Disposal Guidelines

Hello Everybody!
Just a friendly reminder on the waste disposal guidelines for the landing and dumpster area – it’s really important that we keep this as clean and clear of garbage as possible in order to ensure continued service by the Town.
Please follow the guidelines posted below – the Town has set up cameras to help control illegal dumping, but should you see any small loose garbage that may have escaped the dumpster, could you please pick it up and put it back in.
Everyone’s help is very much appreciated!

Message From The President…

Hello Matinenda cottage owners!
It has been brought to my attention that some of you have questions:
Why raise dues?
Why charge for advertising at the welcome shack?
Why fund raise?

To date we have 62 paid members, totaling $1240 in annual revenue.
Here are some of our operating expenses and answers:

$125 per year & $4 per association member goes to FOCA.
$1000 paid for upgrading lake marker lights (not including donated batteries), labour to build them and gas to install and maintain them regularly.
$260 per year in Web site expenses (not including donated time to manage).
Annual GM meeting which costs over $360.
Administration costs including postage.
Future expenses including:

Upgrades to welcome shack, new shingles, staining, possibly closing it in for more protection from the elements and bugs.
Extra signage for docks and parking lot that town does not provide.
Capital funds to put on future social events.
This past winter we put on a snowmobile show and shine in McDonald’s Bay which raised $172 and lasted most of the day. A special thanks to the 8 or so volunteers who made this happen!

If anyone has an idea for an event and would like to host it please let us know and we will help you make it happen.

Please note unpaid dues can be sent payable to:

Matinenda Cottage Association
PO Box 772
Blind River On

(or can be paid at the annual GM meeting this summer).

Town of Blind River- Online Issue Reporting

The Town of Blind River has a system where we can report any issues via the website. They have committed to responding to these reports in a timely fashion. Please use this system to report any maintenance or safety issues
concerning the Landing.

Go to the Town of Blind River website, www.blindriver.ca – at the top right
corner of the home page click on report an issue

Canada Revenue – New Tax Levy

Attention all non-resident cottage owners – there is a new tax levied by the Canada Revenue Agency. There is a form that you must fill out and send by the end of April, 2023. In most cases, you will be exempt from the 1% tax but the tax report must be filled out regardless. If you do not fill out the form, you will have to pay the tax.

For more information, go the Government of Canada website, www.canada.ca. From there you can search Underused Housing Tax.

LMCOA 2023 Dues

Hi LMCOA Family…

Would you please complete the form and mail it along with payment
to the mailing address shown. As we discussed at the AGM, this is
an extremely important part of funding the Navigation lights
and other planned improvements

Please click here to download the form: 2023 Dues Notice Form

Letter From The Board

April 12, 2021

Dear Cottage Owners on Lake Matinenda,

The Good news is that in spite of the restrictions due to the Covid Pandemic, the Ice left our wonderful Lake Matinenda on April 8!

The not so good news is the new management plan for the Landing and docks initiated by the Town of Blind River at their April 6 Council meeting. Going back……

Members of your LMCOA board met with the Blind River CAO, Kathryn Scott and the Director of Facilities and Community Services on August 8, 2019 to discuss the resumption of services by the town for the Landing. (parking lot, garbage collection, portable toilets, summer dock attendants and a reduction of overnight boat parking on the docks) It was established that while all of these services were in place when the town annexed the Lake and took over for the LMCOA, the level of these services had decreased – almost yearly. (I.E., no dock attendants for the last two years, reduction to only one dock attendant for the previous three years to the last two – no attempt to restrict the permanent docking at the landing for an average of 6-14 boats for most of the summer months – only one portable toilet for the previous two years, no scheduled bulk garbage pick-up without prior arrangement and a fee – continued refusal by the town to arrange repairs to the failing break wall – etc.)

The two Town representative listened to our concerns and suggested they would help start a period of new positive relationships between the Town and the Cottage Owners.

They spoke of a new approach to getting the Services to the landing improved. They shared that the town had set aside $100,000 and had also applied for a grant of $450,000 to enact a complete renewal of the break wall and the docks on Lake Matinenda. It was then explained to us that their grant application had been denied because the Matinenda docks had not been included in the BR Town Asset Management Plan. The Docks could not be part of the Town Asset Management Plan because the docks are only leased to the town- They are owned by the MNR. Now the town is considering putting aside another $100,000 for next year and hopefully repairing the break wall in the fall of 2020. As we all know now, the break wall had to be repaired in the fall of 2019 when it was apparent the repairs could not wait another year.

We were also told that there were no dock attendants because the only grants for students’ labor was for cultural and festival events? Then Karen suggested that Bruce Spratt -owner of the Landing Trailer Park would be eligible to apply for grants for summer student help. She also claimed that only one portable toilet had been placed, because some cottager had left a pile of firewood where the second toilet usually is placed. The meeting ended on a positive note with these two Town staff `ambassadors’ suggesting, the town and the LMCOA will do much better by working at the detailed problems “together”. Karen would like the Lake’s cottagers to write government agencies indicating our support for BR town’s initiatives to provide service to Lake Matinenda.

The year 2020 was the year of the pandemic. Only Canadian Cottagers were allowed to get their camps after initially being restricted until June. Because of the Covid, the only service provided was garbage pick-up.

On March 5, 2021, we were alerted by a Matinenda Cottager of a new approach by the Town for provision of services to the Landing and Docks. Town CAO Kathryn Scott was contacted, and she explained the town was attempting to address the many concerns of the LMCOA with a new Management Plan at the landing using the services of the Trailer Park owner, Bruce Spratt. We were asked to keep our discussion very low key, as they were just negotiating the terms of this new approach. When asked if the contract was tendered out, she replied no, but that Bruce appeared to be the choice of the town for this first year anyway. She hoped to have all the details in place by Monday March 15 when she would bring the proposal to the LMCOA board.

We did not hear another peep about the `Plan’, so it appeared there were still details to be worked out.

On April 6, 2021, the Blind River Town council passed a bylaw to enact the new agreement with Bruce Spratt as Contractor for the Landing at Lake Matinenda. The president of the LMCOA was contacted by Karen Bittner via E-mail with the details of the new arrangement with Bruce Spratt to look after the Docks. The details of the arrangement were quite different than what was expected. The plan was negotiated and enacted without any input or discussion with the LMCOA. While Kathryn Scott had inferred the Town was working on the LMCOA complaint about so many boats left overnight at the docks, by allowing Bruce to charge parking for the five or six boats left overnight.

We were later given copies of the legislation passed by the Town on April 6. While some of the new approach will be an improvement, there are provisions that are not advantageous to the cottage owners. The town is prepared to let Bruce Spratt rent out 2/3 of the existing dock spaces, leaving only 1/3 of the existing docks for cottager day use.

The LMCOA has expressed our dissatisfaction with this arrangement and are prepared to do what is necessary to get the town back to their committed Annexation agreement in 2001.

When the town council passed the bylaw to enact the new caretaker at the landing, they expressed some concern about negative pushback from Cottagers on the lake. The LMCOA encourages cottagers to express their feelings about the lack of Day use docking by contacting the Town Council.

Below are the Names and e-mail addresses for the Blind River Town Council :

Mrs. Sally Hagman, MAYOR Phone: 705-356-2251 ext. 208 Email: sally.hagman@blindriver.ca

Mrs. Paula Summers, COUNCILLOR DEPUTY MAYOR Cell: 705-227-1720 Email: paula.summers@blindriver.ca

Mrs. Betty Ann Dunbar, COUNCILLOR Cell: 705-227-0133 Email: bettyann.dunbar@blindriver.ca

Mr. Jim Dunbar, COUNCILLOR Cell: 705-227-1713 Email: jim.dunbar@blindriver.ca

Mr. Steven Wells, COUNCILLOR Cell: 705-227-1897 Email: steven.wells@blindriver.ca

Mr. HP. Roy, COUNCILLOR Cell: 705-227-1894 Email: hp.roy@blindriver.ca

Mrs. Jennifer Posteraro, COUNCILLOR Cell: 705-227-1896 Email: jennifer.posteraro@blindriver.ca

Staff : Kathryn Scott CAO/Clerk Phone: 705-356-2251 ext. 213 Email: katie.scott@blindriver.ca

Karen Bittner Director of Facilities & Community Services Cell: 705-227-0141 Email: karen.bittner@blindriver.ca

Fair Electricity Pricing

We need YOUR HELP to prevent the elimination of the Seasonal Rate Class. 

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is trying to DOUBLE our electricity rates by eliminating the Seasonal Rate Class. This means an additional $54 a month in fees for nearly 80,000 seasonal Hydro One customers and waterfront property owners like you.

Since June 2018, the cost of electricity for average households had already risen nearly 2%, and effective November 1st they went up another 2%. But that’s nothing compared to the hike of over 100% that 80,000 families will face when the Seasonal Rate Class is eliminated!

On October 1, 2020, the Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines committed that people could expect “cost certainty” from the energy sector. With your help, we will be urging Minister Rickford and Premier Ford to fulfill this pledge, and prevent the doubling of our electricity bills.

Please add your voice to this effort!

Action #1: send an email to the MPP of your seasonal residence

Action #2: call the MPP of your seasonal residence

Action #3: write to the MPP of your urban residence 

Click on Action #1 above and enter “Hwy 557, Blind River, Ontario, Canada” as the address, and “Lake Matinenda” as the location.