Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring Program Bulletin, 2009 and 2014

The Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring program collects information from representative lakes in fisheries management zones across the province to help biologists manage our fisheries effectively. This bulletin provides a snapshot of recent monitoring activities and netting results. Attached are the surveys from 2009 and 2014.


Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring Program Bulletin MATINENDA LAKE 2008-2012

Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring Program Bulletin MATINENDA LAKE 2013-2017

Lake Matinenda MNR Update, 2010

Matinenda Lake Update from MNR

2010 turned out to be another year that was not typical when it comes to weather conditions and lake levels.  We are all wondering what normal is, or what normal is becoming.  Around this time last year we were out doing fisheries surveys (with boats); this year, there were still snowmobiles out on Matinenda Lake. Continue reading Lake Matinenda MNR Update, 2010

Blue-green algae concerns on Algoma Lakes

The Blue-Green algae problem appeared on about 8 Algoma lakes this summer. The causes and consequences are outlined in this article and are very difficult to treat. The confirmed affected lakes were Devil, Bright and Desbarat, Bass, Echo, Upper Island, Lower Island, Round and Twin.

This could happen on Matinenda if we are not vigilant. More articles from Algoma Public Health on algae can be found here.