Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring Program Bulletin, 2009 and 2014

The Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring program collects information from representative lakes in fisheries management zones across the province to help biologists manage our fisheries effectively. This bulletin provides a snapshot of recent monitoring activities and netting results. Attached are the surveys from 2009 and 2014.


Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring Program Bulletin MATINENDA LAKE 2008-2012

Broad-scale Fisheries Monitoring Program Bulletin MATINENDA LAKE 2013-2017

Lake Matinenda Ice-Out Data, 1932-2014

Since 1932, ice-out dates have been recorded by several cottagers at Lake Matinenda at the boat landing. Ice-out describes the time during ice break up when it is possible to travel by boat from Butterfield Narrows to the Landing at the southern end of the lake. Using this 82 year record, we asked the question: “Over time, Is there a warming trend and does the ice-out date occur earlier in the spring?” Although ice-out dates are highly variable from year to year, the answer is a qualified ‘maybe yes’.

We thank the cottagers who had the forethought to collect the data: Ray Sholberg, Bob Henderson, and other unknown persons. Statistical analyses by Sam Bledsoe.

Matinenda Ice Out Dates 82 Yr Record

Is there water testing on Lake Matinenda?

Is There Water Testing on Lake Matinenda?
by Robin Z. Schellekens

Following the Annual General Meeting on July 28, 2012, both Tom Scott and I went to the Algoma Public Health Department (APH) website to see if any water testing results were available for Lake Matinenda. As neither Tom nor I were successful, I followed up with a call to the Blind River Office. Continue reading Is there water testing on Lake Matinenda?

Lake Matinenda MNR Update, 2010

Matinenda Lake Update from MNR

2010 turned out to be another year that was not typical when it comes to weather conditions and lake levels.  We are all wondering what normal is, or what normal is becoming.  Around this time last year we were out doing fisheries surveys (with boats); this year, there were still snowmobiles out on Matinenda Lake. Continue reading Lake Matinenda MNR Update, 2010