Upgrades for Matinenda Landing:

You are all aware that we continually work with the Town of Blind River to review the landing and docks.  We are extremely excited with the Towns support to upgrade docks at the landing.  Due to the dock being damaged as well as the Towns effort to avoid our busy season, they are speeding up the communication and installation of the new docks.  The details below provide an update on the actions scheduled.
Please review the plan above to ensure awareness so we can all support. The Town is currently auctioning off the old docks to provide space for the new.  The auctioning has been shared on the Town website: 

Click to access matinenda-dock-surplus-ad-Apr-2024.pdf

Please reach out to any LMCOA Board members with any questions.
Also, we have a new email account that you can send questions to:
Thank you again to the Town for their efforts in making this happen and thank you all for your support as we navigate the installations!