Fall Update November 2023

Hello Everyone!

A few quick updates from our LMCOA Board:

□   Action required by all of us:    

By December 1st all trailers need to be removed from the Matinenda parking lot to allow for winter snow clearing.  The town has moved the garbage bins to the back of the parking lot to allow for ease of movement for the snow plows.

□   Items completed over the last two months:

We have been working to file all tax information on behalf of the association to ensure that we are up to date. We are now caught up for the last five years and we will wait to hear from Revenue Canada.

As agreed during the AGM we have been researching liability options for the Association including board members and volunteers.  We have completed this selection and the liability insurance will start Jan 1st 2024.

Starting next year, we are excited to be introducing some Fire Smart initiatives. Stay tuned and beginning in January watch for this insightful information.

Twenty-seven issues have been raised with the town through 2023 on behalf of the Association.  To date 85% are resolved for all of us.  We will continue to work on improvements.

If you have any questions, please reach out to any or all of the board members via the “Contact Us” link on the home page…