2013 Annual Meeting

The LMCOA Annual General Meeting was held on July 27, 2013.

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association, Inc.
Annual General Meeting
July 27, 2013

Meeting began at 10:59 a.m.

Board Members: Present – Ed Pilon, President; Ron Servatius, Acting Temporary Secretary; Linda Hamilton, Treasurer; Laure Olsen; Dave Hall; Caroline Bledsoe; Absent: Tom Scott; Rick Bryant; Removed for Question – Robin Z. Schellekens, Secretary.

President Ed Pilon welcomed members and guests. He commented on the issues ongoing with docks and garbage container movement concerns. He stated we have an OK on the improvement of the Welcome House with stain to be provided. More signs have been provided around the landing.

Guests were introduced by Ed Pilon – Deputy Mayor Ken Kennedy, Alec Solomon, Councilor, Lou Mo’ise, Councilor.

Moment of Silence was observed for residents who passed away this past year. Later in the meeting members who passed were recognized: Beverly Wyles, Dr. Ken Irwin, Judy Ferrar.

Minutes for the 2012 AGM – were passed out to the members present and highlighted by Ron Servatius for a good number of minutes. Motion to accept: Von Dilloway/ Jean Denaro/passed without objection.

Treasurer’s Report – Linda Hamilton provided an Interim Financial Report from January 1, 2013 to July 17, 2013 because of changes in fiscal to calendar year reporting procedures. Balance in Checking Account January 1: $1,462.55; Revenues: $644.45. Total: $2,107.00. Expenses: $880.23 ($664.42 was spent on the Newsletter). Balance in Checking on July 17, 2013 was $1,226.77. Government Investment Certificates have increased to $10,887.94. Linda discussed the cookbook sales of which more were available. Costs have been recouped. An Audit of the books is in progress with Ben Denaro. Linda reported this will be completed by the end of August, 2013. Also the Address List of members is being updated. Motion to accept the report: Robin Schellekens/Maureen Bell/passed without objection.

Secretary’s Report – Committee Report – Ron had no report.

Committee Reports

By-Law Progress – Chair Dave Hall reported the complexities of dovetailing the Constitution and By-laws to the needs of the Association membership has indeed caused another delay, as Ron explained the delay last year in Dave’s absence at the 2012 AGM. Correct interpretation and clarity is paramount. Therefore, it is premature to have a presentation.

Special Projects – Caroline Bledsoe reported on behalf of Nancy Harz, who resigned the Chair, saying sixty cook books are left but the effort is profitable. An ovation for Nancy’s involvement was given.

History Project- Caroline Bledsoe reported on Janet Servatius’ Lake and Bay History Project. Janet was not present, but Caroline emphasized more input was needed and could be emailed/mailed/ or left in the suggestion box at the Welcome House.

Family Day- or “Fun Day” would not be held this year according to Caroline Bledsoe after a meeting with planners for the event. She mentioned the LMCOA website has a Bird list created by Tom Fitch and Plant List created by Rik Smith & Rob Burling and it would be nice to have updates/photos along with an Animal and Fish list. Notice may be sent to the Webmaster or Caroline Bledsoe. Maureen Bell said a new species of turtle may have been discovered in this area. More on turtles and all animals may be found at Torontozoo.com. Photos are welcome along with cataloging. Mo expressed concern about the adverse effects of poisoning cormorants and the apparent decline in numbers of loon.

Newsletter – was compiled and published in spring 2013 by Ed Pilon because of resignations and removals. His efforts were applauded. Robin Ziebert Schellekens was nominated to do the next Newsletter. This was motioned by Mo Bell/Karen Rice and carried without objection.

Guests Comments –

A. Solomon, chair of the Marine Park Committee is looking to resolve boat and car parking spaces and garbage sight and health issues. Discussion with former Marine Park member, Robin Schellekens renewed the effort of Mr. Solomon to get a voting member on this committee from the LMCOA Board. Nancy Harz asked what training dock attendants had. Answer: “Ask Darryl, it is his responsibility . . . . .” Result of more questions seemed to be lack of accounting by Mr. McLean. Maureen Bell asked if the LMCOA could take over the management of the Dock Facilities . . . thoughtful reaction.

K. Kennedy, Deputy Mayor was thanked for his help in the past. Robin Z. Schellekens brought up a $23,000 cash account for Lake Matinenda this year and a $12,700 amount spent in 2010. Essence, “Where is the money, where is it being spent?” Can Matinenda be set as a separate tax entity with municipal affairs with different rates for lake property? This seemed a possibility to be investigated. Ken said there is a 5% tax increase this year. Dennis Davey commented on the dock attendants and over/and/overnight boat parking. On money, Ken Kennedy said 60% of tax revenues are controlled by the Province. Don Udell said he had ideas to open the parking lot more with specific areas for trailers. Major garbage pickups once a month happen in town. Why not here? Deputy Mayor Kennedy said he can make it happen. He went on and explained dock attendants’ jobs are to handle boats, and other activities for which the attendants have received tips are creating liability for the town. Herb Herriman looked for resolution of the issue and suggested the LMCOA and Town of Blind River have an inter-local agreement of management of the docks and attendants. Ken nodded favorably to this idea. Then Sue Shafer said she heard the dumpsters were being moved back toward the lake. It was going to happen. Public Works decided it was best this year for sanitation and use abuse. Ken said “try it” this year. Other concerns included getting people to close the bear proof doors and getting the garbage in the containers. Bill Shafer said this is going to hurt tourism and the first impression of visitors will be that Matinenda is a ‘trash dump.’ Ben Denaro asked where we could dump used oil. Ken said hazardous waste pickup was expensive to run and is run every two years – 2014 being the next time. Pickup dates will be adequately posted. Then Dave Hall asked why we didn’t have life rings at the docks.

Sue Shafer made two safety motions from the floor, augmenting the question and prefacing them with facts that 2 residents have fallen in the lake at the docks and needed immediate assistance to get out and there were no safety devices:

Motion: “That the Lake Matinenda Cottage Association purchase and install 4 throwable life rings with 50 feet of nylon line and also install 4 aluminum safety ladders on each of the 4 docks. The approximate cost is $1,200.00.” Caroline Bledsoe seconded. Discussion- Carolyn Ruley gave her account of her recent plunge between boat and dock, stating dock attendant was not available, although present. Boats parked overnight prevented her getting out of water. By the saving grace of a returning boat, which acquired motor trouble and couldn’t leave the area, she did attract attention to get out of water. Joe Lopez similarly was in trouble a couple of years ago. Ed said we have discussed these concerns before, including grab lines. The same “reasons” were given for not doing anything as before – stealing of equipment, swimmers unlawfully using the ladders, etc. The membership was in unison about the same explanations against doing the right thing. There were no objections to the vote for doing the improvements. Motion was carried.

Motion: “That the Board should receive a written report from the Blind River City Government on the training of all Lake Matinenda dock attendants which includes safety training and an emergency response procedure. This report should be sent to the LMCA Board prior at the start of the (each) summer season beginning on June 1.” Von Dilloway seconded motion. Discussion – In both motions Councilor Solomon expressed to board members he wanted the opportunity for the town to work with the Association on the contents of the motion. The vote carried the motion. One objection: Robin Ziebert Schellekens.

Motion made by Linda Hamilton to reconcile the request made by Councilor Solomon that “We work closely with town on the two motions just made.” Seconded by Jim Hogg. Discussion none. Carried with no objections.

Cliff Spratt, as the Trailer Camp Manager mentioned dock/garbage issues, blaming not camp residents, nor town members.

Councilor Solomon explained the town has a new Clerk and Treasurer, Councilors are helpful, and it’s recognized dock by-laws enforcement is needed, but no officer exists yet. Ed Pilon hopes there are good results by next year. The City will look at the relocation of the dock attendants shed to face the lake. . Again, it was thought by our guests that the management of the docks and attendants by the Association is a good idea. Other sundry comments about Dock activities were made. Karen Rice suggested we bring down “good trash” a couple of days in advance and leave it for picking. Cliff Spratt said he would accept these donations for others to peruse until pickup day at the “Dock Shop,” presumably. Frank Lee announced to the LMCA and town representatives it was the 50thAnniversary of Lee/ and now Menard Island.

Elections: Ed Pilon asked that Ron Servatius conduct the elections. An action to balance the Board for more equal numbers occurred last year. Rick Bryant and Laure Olsen had 1 year terms ending this year to accommodate the action. Dave Hall and Robin Z. Schellekens had 2 year terms ended this year, 2013. Ed Pilon, Linda Hamilton, Tom Scott, Caroline Bledsoe and Ron Servatius have 2 years terms ending next year, 2014. Nine Members make up the Board. Four new members needed to be nominated. Ron was told by Laure Olsen and Rick Bryant earlier (absent) they were willing to stand and no objections were made. But two positions remained. Jim Hamilton refused nomination. Steve Taylor withdrew his nomination. A vote was called for each of the 4 open positions. With 6 candidates, (unheard of in many years) each member voted only for 4 of them. Votes for the nominees were: Bill Shafer – 19 votes; Herb Herriman – 20 votes; Laure Olsen – 25 votes; Rick Bryant – 5 votes; Jim Hogg – 7 votes; Robin Schellekens – 21 votes. Robin Z. Schellekens was nominated after notice and re-iteration from the By-Law Chair, Dave Hall who said that the Constitution and by-laws may be in conflict, are not clear in spots, and were perhaps made this way so that the Association membership could create best practices for the unique needs of a volunteer group of cottage owners. The membership expressed their approval. The question was of residency and home/household ownership. The concern is interpretation. Robin Ziebert Schellekens is the willed heir to Myrna Ziebert’s property and is, in the eyes of some levels of government, a Canadian resident. Membership discussion during the nominating process offered strong favorable comments for Robin’s reinstatement. By vote, the membership, most whom have been long time lake residents, voiced their desire for Robin’s return to the Board for the greater good. Some members have been on the Board in the past. The last four highlighted members above are the new elected Board members – Bill Shafer, Herb Herriman, Laure Olsen and Robin Schellekens.

There being no further business to conduct, Ed Pilon adjourned the meeting at 1:18 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by

Ronald Servatius, Temporary Acting Secretary

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association, Inc.