Special Association Meeting, August 31, 2013

Lake Matinenda Cottagers Association
Emergency Special Meeting
Saturday, August 31, 2013

11:04 A.M., Welcome House: Welcome by Caroline Bledsoe to attendees for the announced/posted meeting.
Purpose of the meeting: Elect directors to the Board for by-law compliance after resignations by Ed Pilon, Linda Hamilton, Tom Scott, Robin Ziebert Schellekens, and Ron Servatius. A handout was provided and explained, quoting the by-laws affected to make a viable Board. One was that of the board accepting the resignations only if replacements could be found.

A search committee to find qualified candidates yielded three Canadian candidates. A fourth was nominated at the meeting by Dilloway/Van Atter – Dennis Davey. No Americans were available to fill vacancies. The slate nominated for election was Bill Ryan, John Godbolt, Dave Hall and Dennis Davey by Steve Burling/Sue Servatius. Ballots were registered by signature for qualification of the votes to current membership. More than a quorum minimum was present for the election. There were no dissenting votes recorded. Laura Olsen remains on the Board as the 5th Canadian representative.

Caroline Bledsoe thanked everyone for coming to meeting.

Adjournment at 11:31 am.

Respectfully submitted by Ron Servatius, recorder, director resigned, but not yet accepted.

2013_Aug_31_Minutes_LMCA Emergency Mtg