Proposal: Offer PayPay as an option for dues payment

PayPal Proposal

I propose that we offer the use of Paypal on our website as an OPTION for those who might like to pay their dues on line.

Many of you are already familiar with Paypal, but for those who are not, let me give you a brief run down.

PayPal is a web billing system which allows people to pay bills, dues or contributions on line safely and easily. It has an excellent reputation for security and ease of use. The customer may use credit or debit cards and no fees are charged to them.

Were we to create a PayPal account, the Association would have no monthly fee and the dues would be directly deposited within our account. There is a .30 + 3% per transaction fee to the Association, so I am suggesting that dues paid in this manner be $10.60 , rather than $10, to cover that cost (which is much
more than postage if one were to mail a check).

Again, this would be an OPTION. Members could still pay their dues to the dock attendants or at one of the Association functions.

  • If we do the Dragon Boat Race,┬áthat PayPal charity account would be separate from this option.

R.Z. Schellekens