Proposal: Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race Proposal

I would like to propose that the LMCOA enter a boat in the Dragon Race
next year.

Objective: Raise money for Charity and to have fun!

Date: Mid June, generally around the 15th. Generally on a Saturday with a practice on Friday night.

Entry Fee: $1000 (Will be given to Charity) may be raised
by participants or through corporate sponsorship. Due June 1st,

Pledges: Unlimited $$ to be given to Charity

Crew: 20 Paddlers and one drummer. There must be at least
8 women per team and there must be at least 16 people paddling per
race, 8 of whom are women.

Dragon Boat Racing is a Chinese Tradition that creates an
excellent opportunity for friends, families and co-workers to have
fun. Camaraderie, team pride, community spirit are just a few things
that come to mind when we talk about the Dragon Boat Races.

To date, this event has raised over $195,000.00 for local and
regional non-profit health related organizations. All pledges raised
in 2012 benefited the Easter Seal’s Of Ontario. This event is well
attended by spectators and participants alike and has grown more
successful with each passing year. Join the fun and help a worthy
cause by taking part in the Dragon Boat Races.

We could also have a Lake Matinenda Vending Booth ($25 for
non-profits) where we could sell our cookbooks and baked goods or so

I propose that we enter a Lake Matinenda Dragon Boat in the 2012
Blind River Dragon Races! Since I am the goof that came up with the
idea, I am willing to be the 2013 Captain (in name only) who is
responsible for the pledge form, drafting of paddlers, general
organization and acts as the liaison between town and our team.
Unless someone else wants to do that?!?!

Perhaps someone’s business or family would even be willing to
provide us with t-shirts?!

I will create a Charity Paypal Account which will appear on our
Web Site and which can be pasted into resident’s Facebook pages. Our
objective will be to raise $2000, that will cover our $1000 entrance
fee and give an additional $1000 to that years charity of choice.

The pledge forms and Paddler/drummer sign-up would be available on
our web site as well.


R.Z. Schellekens