Annual General Meeting, 2009

Annual General Meeting Minutes
Lake Matinenda Cottage Association
Box 772 Blind River Ontario Canada P0R 1B0
Saturday, 25 July 2009

Registration for the 2009 Annual General Meeting (AGM) started at 9:00 a.m. in The Lodge on Matinenda. Tim Horton’s Donuts, Cookies and Muffins with juice, water, coffee and tea were available. The Registration Table was handled by Linda Hamilton and Jan Pilon. Robin Ziebert ensured everyone had agendas and minutes.

Board Members present:
Ed Pilon, Ron Servatius, Jerry Behnke, Jim Hamilton, Janet Servatius.
Board Members absent:
John Grabowski, Tom Dool

The AGM started at 10:10 a.m.

President’s Remarks: Ed Pilon welcomed all who came in the bad weather and introduced the board and Ken Kennedy, Town Councillor, Jeff Loosemore, MNR representative from SSM, and Debbie Soucy, one of the new owners of The Lodge as speakers on items in the Agenda. Ed asked Debbie to speak about the Lodge.

Debbie introduced Cliff Spratt, manager and Cory a key assistant. She gave background that she and her husband Joe were the new owners, and also had a business in the states, south of Chicago in Indiana, and owned a place on Lake Dubourne. She explained the plan of operation: 1) first focus is on building exterior and grounds. RV camping is to be improved and made more user friendly and kid-friendly. A basket ball court is being set up near the dock shop. The Dock Shop is open 8-5 for fuel, general goods and items with more to be added. The Laundromat is open and available for all to use. The “Showalter” (Sholberg?) House is open for lake residents to use for guests or visitor overflow. It has been remodelled and can sleep 8-10 people. 2) There is a website which will be linked to the LMCA. It was stated to 3) There is a CB in the dock shop to use. Guest lodging and meal service will be held off till next year.

Secretary’s Report: Ron Servatius reviewed the Minutes from last year’s 2008 AGM, as given in copy in copy to the membership prior to the start of this meeting and as posted on the LMCA website over the winter. He said the bulk of the 2009 AGM meeting is a results report and update on the actions of last year’s minutes.
Ron motioned for approval of the minutes, Jeanne Denaro seconded. Approved/no corrections or objections.

Treasurer’s Report: Jerry Behnke started his report saying some monies are use for water quality testing to do phosphate and E coli bacteria testing. We have $11238.76 in interest certificates and no money has been withdrawn from the two accounts. Our operating expenses are covered by our checking account, including the moneys spent so far by the Donations and Events Committee. (No dollar amounts were stated regarding the checking account.) Our present membership was stated to be 85, with past highs of almost 150. The spikes in active membership are the result of a printed newsletter, with a tear off dues form. Our website has a printable dues form page. However, it doesn’t seem to be used. Robin Ziebert commented that we should have a Publicity Chair to pump up membership, and a link to the LMCA website on the Town Website. Ken Kennedy, Town Councillor said he would mark that down an item to bring up. It was suggested that we get a roster from the Town on lake owners so the LMCA could solicit more active membership. However, ‘privacy laws’ have set precedent that this could not be done, as attempted in the past. It was asked of Ken Kennedy to find out if we could have Dues forms mailed out with tax bills, as had been done in the past. Ken will check on this. It was also suggested Jeff Rice, our webmaster, may have the capability of doing mailings. Jerry motioned for approval of the report, Dave Hall seconded. Approved/no objection or correction.

Ken Kennedy, Councillor: Ken, invited by letter along with Councillor Cyr, and Peterson, apologized for their absence for reasons beyond their control. He reminded everyone today was the Hazardous Waste pickup day in town, and would be willing to take items back with him, should anyone have some available, right after his presentation.

Ken said cottage assessments were down a bit – an overall 8% reduction. Because of a grant, a 10% decrease in taxes is being realized, and 2.88% is withdrawn from Matinenda billings because of no road access and lack of services for fire prevention for cottagers on the lake. Federal stimulus funding for the town is providing 2.3 million dollars to build a singular municipal garage to replace 4 spread all over, work to improve drainage on the west side of town, and an outdoor rink and storage. Ken asked everyone to look at comparative property assessments on Matinenda and surrounding lakes. Matinenda comes in #2, with Dubourne being #1. However, there were some numbers that came up as surprising and that will be looked into. Ken addressed the dock/landing area. Several issues arose. The 8 handicapped parking places were felt to be sufficient because 3 were empty when Ken went by. It was pointed out by members to Ken that 3 cars drove up the hill to the meeting and people like Mary Singhoffer were not parked in a handicapped place. We asked for 2 additional spots. Ken will look into it. He said new chains were put on the docks so they didn’t break away. The dock attendants seem to be doing a good job, but we asked if replacements could be made when one didn’t show up, as has happened, especially since the main marina in town had not been as busy and it seems to have extra staff. Moe Bell pleaded our case for extra help because of it being the only access to the lake and we pay taxes for services not available to us. Transportation for the attendants seemed to be the biggest barrier. Another item Ken talked about was that female porta-john was scheduled for the landing. He also asked about the quality of porta-john cleaning. It was reported to him by observers that no change has been made and cleaning has been less than scheduled. Ken will check into this and, per previous and present requests for a male and female porta-john, and input by Lodge owner Debbie Soucy who has such a business in the states, see if it is more cost-effective to have the two rest rooms. Retaining Wall progress was reported as continuing. The engineering study has not been completed, as expected. Bedrock soundings and a site survey needs to be completed. The Handicap pole on the Handicap Dock is present and functioning well. Garbage bins are ready to be moved when there is a break in the traffic at the landing.

Jim Hamilton, Board Director: enhanced Ken Kennedy’s comments and said the new contractor, Reggie Fortan, was surprised by what was being thrown into the garbage bins. Jim expounded on the dangers of putting a 100# bottle of propane in the dumper without a collar, and other items. He said most, but not all, of this illicit activity comes from around our lake. We need to be looking after ourselves. The Town is doing for us and helping us. We must do for them what is right and help them. We should be take our big items to the landing and calling for pickup on the assigned days, posted in the Welcome house, or getting a free permit from Town to dump items ourselves, or disposing of hazardous items in the appropriate manner. He reported the OPP has inspected refuse when they know of or receive calls on items of concern around the area. Discussion included question about the Town providing one large open bulk container or area for items as described above, in place of one closed garbage dumper we have now. Hazardous waste was described as: paint, solvents, gas and propane tanks. Robin Ziebert, because of her frequent trips from the states to Blind River and the lake year ’round emphasized the need to look after ourselves. Ray Sholberg suggested there is dumping from off the lake. Ken Kennedy said the Town could look at hazardous waste signage.

Ken Kennedy: upon request from Ed Pilon said Council could look into a “Welcome” sign for Matinenda. He thought the flower boxes provided by the Town and flowers by the Association looked nice. End of Presentation.

Jeff Loosemore, MNR field representative connected with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, was the guest speaker on Invasive Species. He described natural barriers being broken because of world wide shipping of ballast water, crates, luggage, and illegal releases. Notable examples are the Emerald Ash Borer, found in SSM., lamprey eel, Asian Carp, millfoil weed, and zebra mussel. The spring water flea was his topic. Not harmful to humans, it eats the plankton game fry in deep, cool lakes. The flea can not be eaten itself by fish under 10 cm or 4 inches. Tunnel Lake to our north is over run and the flea has been around only 5 or so years in inland lakes. It looks like jelly on a fish line. It feeds on daphnea which in turn feed on algae, making the water murkier. There is no means of control yet, other than stopping the spread by washing, cleaning, drying boats and equipment. More information is available on or calling 800-563-7711. In closure, Jeff suggested we should not have to worry much about the zebra mussel, because it needs lots of calcium which is not present in the Canadian shield.

Donations and Events Committee were next to report. Janet Servatius, Board liaison for the committee, described the comm unity relations and new computers we gave $400 for at the Library, and intent for dock improvements, and other suggestions for use, such as the Food Bank, Brothers and Sisters. Robin Ziebert suggested a welcome sign for Matinenda. Nancy Harz, Committee Chair, introduced the committee membership: Von Dilloway, Caroline Bledsoe, and Moe Bell and said the committee will becoming up with more projects and events to fund this summer. There was miscellaneous discussion on getting a map of Lake properties and updating it, along with query about updates on CB handles.

Communications and Cell Tower Report: The CB communication is excellent, since Ron readjusted the radio, according to Von. Ron suggested we be ready to get a new CB, but while the old one is working, don’t fix it. It was reported by Ed Pilon that Rogers will have new cell towers near Elliot Lake next year. Ray Sholberg said they should have cell to landline to hardwire capability. Bell telephone, it is believed, realigned their towers to shut down most of Matinenda, since we didn’t follow up and through with sufficient subscriptions for a tower near here a few years ago.

Newsletter/Website: Ron Servatius said Hannili Dool was ill and could not do the newsletter. He asked for volunteers. Chris Brandt was the choice. Ron said Jeff Rice had done an excellent job developing the website and adding links and things to make it user friendly. There were positive responses about the website.

911 Matinenda Signs: Ron reported that the signs were available for those who haven’t picked them up in the Dock Attendants House.

Helo-Pad Update: The helo pad for landing 911 helicopters is at Gull Island near Hogg island. Everything is in place.

Rock Bass Tourney: Jim Hamilton reported there would be none because of the advance preparation needed and Tom Dool was ill. Jim hoped Tony (Bone In) Hepler would be a helper and active LMCA member for next year and do some of things he was so good with in the past, with his crew. Jim stated this was a big job.

Jim also thanked Ron Servatius and Jerry Behnke for their fine service over the years.

New Business

Memoriums – One person, fondly remembered as John (Johnny 5) Baird from Blind River passed from our family on Matinenda, this past year.

Docks and Retaining Wall: Previously reported on by Ken Kennedy.

Other Items of Business: The Fish Management Project connected the MNR and FOCA. Jim Hamilton replaces Ed Pilon as the province representative from Matinenda. The outcome of past discussions is the probability of a 2 creel limit, slot sizing, e.g. keeping only 1 fish40 cm, and shorter seasons, e. g. end of August end, and start February, not January. There will be consideration to protect under stocked lakes and prevent a shift of fishermen to healthy lakes, such as Matinenda. It was intimated there were a lot stake holders in the decision making process by Ed Pilon. But, the Government had the final voice.

Water Quality was reported by Dick Brennan who has been our resident chemical specialist. He said this is the 6th year with an association to the Lake Partners. A link is on our website. Results of findings can be seen by googling “Ontario Lake Partners.” In general, our lake has been consistently clean. E. Coli bacteria levels in Teacher’s Bay, Sullivan’s Bay reported by Jerry Behnke from independent results were at 0 (zero!). McDonalds’ Bay was only at 2 (Two!) while the basically uninhabited Baker’s Bay at the far east end was 6-10. For swimming, we are well below the 100-300 which closes beaches. But water should still be treated for drinkability by bleach, UV light or filtration, says Dick.

Laundry Service – Caroline Bledsoe reported the Laundry in town will pick up, wash, fold and deliver laundry within 24 hours for $1.50 a pound. (Since Ron had this set up on line for survey of usage, and he checked with Armand in town, the price is $1.25 as previously stated on line, if there is sufficient interest.)

Ed Pilon gave thanks to Linda Hamilton and Jan Pilon for handling the registration table.

Herb Herriman wanted us to touch base with the MNR about water height. It was explained we are always doing that and there is a new Director to train, since Wayne Carnahan retired. However, the MNR has always been slow to respond. We will continue followups. This spring was especially bad with the uplift in spring. Jerry Behnke wanted people to provide details on water damage to the Board so Ed Pilon could show documentation about the need for urgency of dam control. Ray Sholberg mentioned that hydro-electric dam controls were based on priorities. The MNR controls water levels, but they don’t follow their guidelines and mission statements, said a lake member.

Election of Directors: Herb Herimann motioned for reelection of Ron Servatius and Jerry Behnke. They said they were not available for re-election. It was time for retirement and new blood after many years of service by each. Moe Bell also decline a nomination by Dick Brennan. Nominations were made for Dave Hall by Ed Pilon and seconded by Von Dilloway. Robin Ziebert was nominated by Myrna Ziebert and seconded by Jeanne Denaro. Von Dilloway moved to close the nominations and Todd Bearman seconded. The nominees were approved without objection as directors. The officers/executive positions of secretary and treasurer would established at the next meeting of the Board.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Ronald Frank Servatius, Secretary/Director