Letter of Appreciation to the Lake Matinenda Craft Group

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association Inc
P.O. Box 772, Blind River ON P0R 1B0 Date: 12 August 2014

To: Lake Matinenda Craft Group*

The Board of Directors thanks you for your continuing contributions to the Association. Over the years, your continued support, enthusiasm and fundraising have benefited the Association by creating a strong financial base. In past years, beautiful quilts were created and raffle tickets sold, generating thousands of dollars for the Association. Numerous bake sales, craft sales and rummage sales added funds to our treasury. Sales of books (Teachers’ Bay History, Matinenda Cookbooks, 1st and 2nd editions) also added funds. Your energy, enthusiasm and hard work have made our Association stronger and helped to create a sense of community on the lake. We thank the current Craft Group as well as members no longer alive, especially Nellie Otteson, a talented quilter.

Your funds allowed us to undertake projects which otherwise would not have been possible. For example, the membership voted for 2 major projects in 2014 and 2015. In 2014 we purchased safety equipment (ladders and throw rings) for the docks. In 2015, we will develop a plan for navigation lights at locations on Lake Matinenda and purchase lights. Both of these projects require more money than we can collect from our modest ($10/lot/year) dues alone. We thank you all!

Sincerely yours,

LMCOA Board of Directors: President Herb Herriman, Vice-President Bill Shafer, Secretary Caroline Bledsoe, Treasurer John Godbolt , Dennis Davey, John Grabowski, Jim Hogg, Bill Ryan, Liz Van Atter.

*Lake Matineda Craft Group (current): Betty Bearman, Caroline Bledsoe, Chris Brandt, Ginny Brush, Christy Delameter, Jean Denaro, Jan Dirksen, Avon Dilloway, Dort Ergang, Mary Jane Grabowski, Nancy Harz, Dana Herriman, Jackie Kibbey, Barb McEwen, Diane Meyers, Lindsay Moniz, Carolyn Ruley, Janet Servatius, Sue Shafer, Joan Thiel, Liz Van Atter, Myrna Ziebert.

Appreciation Craft Group_12_Aug_2014