Annual General Meeting, 2011

Matinenda Cottage Owners Association

General Meeting

July 16, 2011


Board Members Attending: Pres. E.
Pilon, Sec. R. Schellekens (Ziebert) , Tres. L. Hamilton, C. Bledsoe,  D. Brennen, D. Hall, J. Hamilton, L.
Olson and R. Servatius

Special Guests: Town Councilmen K. Kennedy
and A. Solomon,  Conservation
Officer D. Hamlin and Blind River Ecological Resource Committee Member D.



Meeting begins 10:03 AM


I. Welcome and Introductions by Pres. E. Pilon


II . Summery and Approval of 2010 General Meeting

Sec. R. Schellekens gave a speedy review and synopsis of the 2010 minutes.
V. Dilloway motioned for the minutes to be accepted.  J. DeNaro seconded.  Unanimous agreement.


III. President’s Report

Pres. E. Pilon gave a overview of the numerous efforts and accomplishments made by the Association’s Board since July 2010. Highlights included a review of the issues brought to the attention of the Town’s City Council, the ensuing installation of 2 porta-potties, the implementation of an Attendant’s Log, the replacement of several handicapped parking signs and on-going plans for improvement and repairs of the docks and landing area (Details available on our website and print-outs at the meeting).


He also reviewed the Board’s meeting with Provincial Park officials which resulted in a more detailed understanding of Matinenda’s Park status. (Details appear in Minutes from that Meeting which are available on our website and a synopsis in our 2011 Newsletter).


E. Pilon also noted R. Schelleken’s work in gathering an accurate record of Lake Matinenda’s tax and  economic contributions to the Town of Blind River (See ‘What Lake
Matinenda Residents Bring to the Town of Blind River” hand-out and 2011 News Letter article).


He wrapped up his report by thanking C. Brandt for her hard work creating and dispersing the 2011 Newsletter and J. Hogg for his assistance in erecting the “Welcome” sign and cleaning up the Dumpster area.


IV. Treasurers Report

Tres. L. Hamilton reviewed the 2011 Treasurer’s Report (See Hand-out) and added that since the report was printed we currently have 143 Paid Members, $180 in Donations and a $451 Deposit.  C. Brandt made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report which was seconded by S. Servatius.
There was a unanimous vote to do so.


VI. Secretary’s Report

R. Schellekens gave a brief review of the emails, letters and effort put forth by the Association’s Board this year.  She reminded members that
they could view a detailed report of the history and progress being made on current issues on our website, which she up dates monthly.

She also thanked C. Brandt for her hard work on the news letter and J. Rice for his continued efforts monitoring and adjusting our website.

T. Vaughn made a motion to accept the Secretary’s Report.  This was seconded by D. Bruner and passed unanimously.


VII. Reports and Presentation


Conservation Report

Officer Hamlin stated that there was no official report, but stated he would be happy to answer any questions from
the membership.

A member asked for clarification regarding Fishing Licenses for  non-residents 16.  Officer
Hamline stated that both resident and non-residents under the age of 18 could fish under their parent’s license, but they would be sharing the limits for that single license. For example, if the license states the bearer may have two
trout in possession, than the child and the parent could only have two trout regardless of which of them caught them.

M.  Ziebert reported a recent incident in which a boat was slowly patrolling Camp 7’s shoreline while shining a high powered spot light
into the water and at the various cabins as it passed.  She asked if using a light was legal.  Officer Hamlin reported that it was legal to use such a light and that they might have been using it to
watch for rocks or other items in the water.  M. Ziebert felt this unlikely and found it both unsettling and rude.

M. Bell noted issues with shore erosion and the lake’s fluctuating water levels.  She asked who was in charge of monitoring the dam and water levels now that “Trapper Pete” was gone.
Officer Hamlin said that R. Lapinski is currently in charge of monitoring the damn.


B. Newsletter Report

Editor C. Brandt stated that it would greatly help her if Board Members would submit their articles sooner, preferably the end of March 2012 for this year.  E. Pilon reminded members that they too were welcome to submit articles for possible publication by emailing them to Sec. R. Schellekens or himself.

When asked C. Brandt agreed to edit and publish the newsletter this year.

She also stated that she would be happy to mail paper copies of the newsletter to those who requested them.  Members may leave note in this regard with Dock Attendants or in Association mailbox in the Welcome Hut.  C. Brandt reminded members they could also view the newsletter and website as a whole for free at the library, where they could also make paper copies of the same.


C. Fishery Report

J. Hamilton reported on his observation of the Ontario Fishery Meetings.

He stated that Small Mouth Bass were the big topic for the last year or so.  There seemed to be a desire on
some members part to 1) change Bass Season to year around or to start one week earlier 2) to allow catch and release fishing during the spawning season and to 3) set the limits to 5 fish under 14 inches and one over 14 inches.

Personally he feels, and stated at the meeting, that pulling fish off the nest during spawning season and increasing the number of small bass being taken per license would kill off the
bass.  He also pointed out that the bass are very attractive to tourist as well as family fisherman.  In his opinion, this is exactly the
Trophy Fishermen’s intention as they appear to want to kill off the bass with the intention of increasing the size and number of lake trout.

He suggested that we keep the  current rules, but start the season one week earlier and set a new size limit as a compromise. There was a great deal of discussion at this point.

Officer Hamlin took this opportunity to remind Members to measure from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, and compress the lobes of the tail together, when they measure them for keeping size.  He also responded
that members may only have two trout, or whatever the other limits may be for other fish, in possession even if one dies.

He also explained that in our area the Bass and Trout are really only in food competition when they first hatch.  However, he noted that there are lakes where the Bass and Trout compete for food, and that Speckled Trout are particularly fragile.  It is important to have the same rules
for all the lakes, or one could be over fished.

Officer Hamlin also stated that the North East region is a “hot spot” for the unlicensed stocking of Bass.

When discussion led to ideas for making our opinions heard, D. Odell noted that the government didn’t seem to be
interested in garnering public opinion and that  former petitions seemed ineffective. J. Hamiliton said that he had been told that the government had sent out 100 questionnaires to Sport
business owners and that only 7 were returned.


D. Odell pointed out that 12- 15 years ago the fishing/hunting license price was first raised, since then it has undergone a increase every year. Tourism, most probably at least partially as a result of these increases, has steadily decreased every year.


V. Dilloway stated that “this is the first time in 30 years I bought a Conservation License because the full license is so expensive.”


Another member suggested that the Association or Government should give questionnaires to boaters on the lake.
Officer Hamlin said that he felt sure that 100% of the fishermen he knew were “100% against the changes in the Lake Trout regulations”, but that no one was sending in letters stating their opinion.  He suggested that members should check the web for the Environmental Bill of Rights.


D. Odell suggested that the Association could develop a form letter, to be made available to the membership, regarding these issues which could then be
sent to the appropriate Provincial officials. The Board agreed, and R. Schellekens volunteered to meet with D. Odell sometime in the fall to develop said form letter.


D. Town Council Report


Councilmen K. Kennedy and A. Solomon gave a brief report and responded to questions regarding the Town’s activities and intentions for Lake Matinenda.

A. Solomon stated their intention to remove the “unsightly cement abutments along the seawall with cement planters” within the next two weeks.
These in turn would be filled by the Association. D. Odell asked that they be filled with “non-flowering” plants as so many flowers would draw bees and that this would be a problem for people, such as his wife, who were allergic
to bee stings.  The Board promised to keep this in mind.

The Councilmen also promised to get a copy of the Attendant’s Job Description to the Board so that they could work together to enhance and improve it for the summer of 2012.

The Councilmen stated that they had been made aware of the Association’s concerns regarding the Dumpster and the garbage load.  The stated that
a new contractor would be taking over as of July 21st, and that they would address our issues after they were in place.  K. Kennedy referred to the garbage pick-up occurring twice weekly, but was corrected by the Board that it was actually once a week.

The Councilmen restated their awareness of the difficulties with accessing the dumpsters.  The town is unwilling to add steps or ramps to the dumpsters as that would cause liability issues, however they would look into lighter plastic bear-proof covers that would make it easier to get the garbage into the dumpsters.

They agreed that the breakwall was in need of repairs or replacement, but that this would take an allocation of funds and  future scheduling. A. Solomon said that the Town did have some prime wood that he had requested by used to replace the top portions of the breakwall as soon as possible.

Several members spoke out about the poor maintenance of the parking lot, stating it needed to have the pot holes filled and the entire area needed grading.

The issue of boats using the docks for long term parking was also brought up and discussed with passion and at length.  The Councilmen again
brought up the problem of their being no legal bi-law allowing the town to take action on this problem.  J. Hamilton pointed out that that former Mayor Gallagher and several Councilmen
had promised to create such a bi-law over the last ten years, but it had yet to happen.  J. Beinke “If there was a bi-law this could be enforced, right?“

A. Solomon stated that the passing of a bi-law was a long and arduous process, to which it was suggested that the Council best get going then.

Eventually it was suggested that the Association and Council co-write a postcard that could be left on boats that were parked for over three nights.
The postcard would be polite and offer suggestions for overnight, weekly or seasonal parking at both Landing and the Northland. D. Udell made a motion for such a “Courtesy Card” to be created, which was seconded by Bearmen and unanimously
approved.  R. Schellekens will work with Council to create such a card this fall.

There was a great deal of discussion regarding who would be responsible for placing the cards.  No true resolution to this part of the
issue was made. The membership questioned the Councilmen regarding whose responsibility it was to enforce correct parking
and storage of boat trailers. A. Solomon stated that this “ was a policy issue” and was the Town’s responsibility.  A member asked if he should “record the license plate number and submit
it to the OPP”?  The Councilmen responded that that would work “or the number could be given to the Attendants
to be noted in their log”.

It was suggested that the parking lot needed expansion, but the Councilmen thought this unlikely.  When asked if the lot could be more
closely monitored during the holiday weekends, they responded that it would need a bi-law.


E.  New Constitution Vote

D. Hall  reviewed the Revised Constitution which was handed out at last year’s 2010 Annual Meeting and was posted on our website. He highlighted the major points which were 1) One vote per property, if Membership dues have been paid 2) all lake residents are Association members, but only paid members may
vote and 3) there is a provision for the membership of such people as trailer owners and cottage owners from Bear Head Lake.

There was some discussion regarding whether those with multiple properties should have multiple votes. R. Schellekens pointed out that the issue was the same one which had faced the writers of the United States Constitution in which is was decided that citizens should not have more political power based on their ability to own land as this would create a “landed gentry” situation.
She also pointed out that they could not vote to accept the Revised Constitution if the membership wanted to debate or request this change.  The membership agreed to let it stand
as one property/one vote.

C. Bledsoe made a motion to accept the Revised Constitution, D. Meyer seconded and it was passed unanimously.

D. Hall went on to describe the bi-laws as the “real directional document” and explained that his group will
now be working their way through and revising that document for the future.

F. Special Project Committee

N. Hartz reminded members that Matinenda Fun Day would be held on Saturday, August 6 from 10am -1pm at the landing.  There would be a bake sale, flea market, Teacher’s Bay History Books and Facepainting would also be available.

There was some discussion on if the money raised by the Committee was specifically for use by the Committee members.  Pres. E. Pilon reminded everyone that the Provincial Corporation Charter required all monies raised to be placed in the general Association’s bank account and that while the Committee could suggest purchases and/or donations, that the final decision must be made by the Board and/or the membership at large.

N. Hartz told the group that the Recipe Book was going forward.  The deadline for submissions will be Labor Day 2011.  The book will include both recipes and photographs of the lake and should be published and ready for sale next summer (2012).

She also stated that someone had approached her about the Association getting a directional sign for the lake to
be located at the intersection of Woodward and the Highway.  She said that Soucie’s might be interested in going in on the cost of such as sign if they could advertise on it as well.  It was pointed out that such signs had to be approved and provided by the Provincial government, not individual or businesses.
Councilmen Kennedy suggested that the Town might be able to add something to their directional sign in town.  He will look into that.


G. Invasive Species FYI

R. Servatius informed membership that he had found at least a dozen Emerald Ash Borer Beetles at his cottage.  Recently there was a large article in Time magazine titled “The Bug That’s Eating America”, which states that the beetle has been responsible for the death of 60,000 Ash Trees in the United States thus far.  He handed
a contained corpse around the meeting to aid members in their identification.  The Board has made an official report of the beetle’s sighting to the MNR.

[Please note that specimens of this beetle were taken by Mike Francis, a Forest Health Technical Specialist with MNR, to the Canadian Forest Service.  They identified the beetle as a six spotted tiger beetle, frequently confused for an emerald ash borer.]


H. Recycling


VIII. Moment of Silence

Schelekens spoke a few words and requested a moment of silence in memory of the passing of several lake residents this year: Dorthey and Tor Faigery, Dick Wallace, Russ Servatius, Margaret Daniels, Tor Faigery, Diane Hoffman, Phylis Huddert, Bill and Olga Kline.


IX. Nomination and Election of New Board Members

The term for D. Hall and R. Schellekens (Ziebert) ended on July 15, 2011.  Pres. E. Pilon asked if they would be willing to serve again.  R. Schellekens asked if anyone else wanted the position, there were no takers.  Both D. Hall and R. Schellekens agreed to serve again.  R. Servatius quoted “Let the misery continue!”  V. Dilloway made a motion to re-elect Hall and Schellekens, S. Servatius seconded and they were
voted in unanimously. (sigh)

X. On Going Projects

Bledsoe requested that members update their email and address information through the Dock Attendants or the website. Currently the Association has 110 working email addresses for members.

She also
reminded members that there was a Flora database on our websites of local plants, which they should contribute information and pictures to.  Some members would like to create a
Tree and Bird database as well.

Bledsoe also asked that members help J. Servatius in her efforts to enlarge the Teacher’s Bay History, but contributing their own cottage history through the
website or to the History mailbox in the Welcome Hut.

She went on to mention that the website, Cookbook, history and Special Projects Committee all needed photographs from the lake.

Finally, she gave a brief description of the tasks of the Technology Committee,  headed by her husband, Sam Bledsoe.  This year they are hoping to do a trial run of an idea which may allow the Association to work with Town to provide wi-fi service on the lake.
Up-dates will appear on our website.


XI Misc.

A. Membership dues are still $10 a year, the $15 stated in the News Letter was an error.

B. Emergency Help can be obtained by dialing “911”  M. Bell asked the
Association get and distribute the GPS coordinates for the Helicopter landing area on the lake.


XII. Adjournment

E. Pilon made a motion to adjourn at 12:00pm., it was seconded by J. Hamilton and approved unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 12:04pm