Timeline for Lake Matinenda Concerns and the Town of Blind River

Timeline for Lake Concerns and the Town of Blind River

Aug 13, 2009 Letter from Ken Corbiere to the Association regarding the Dock Attendants

Mr. Corbiere wished to inform the Association of a matter brought to his attention by one of the dock attendants in which a member berated the attendant for not helping to load and unload materials into his/her boat.

Mr. Corbiere reminded the Association that “the summer students at the Matinenda Landing are employees of the Town and supervised by Mr. Darrell MacLean” and that their required duties do not the loading and unloading of water craft.


Aug. 24  Letter of response to Ken Corbiere, from Ed Pilon

The Board apologies for any negative behavior and misunderstanding by our members.  We noted “that the vast majority of our members have always spoken of the Dock Attendants with appreciation and fondness, and that this year has been no different.”

“In proactive response … we would request an official copy of the city’s rules and expectations regarding the duties of the Dock Attendants, which we can include in our next newsletter and reposted in the Welcome Hut.”


Sept 23, 2009 letter to Ken Kennedy requesting meeting with Town Council regarding Lake Issues.

Specific concerns mentioned:

  • Addition of a link from the city website to that of the Association
  • Increasing handicap parking spaces by two
  • The possibility of a “substitute dock attendant” should one of the “regulars” be absent
  • The possibility of two single sex Porta-johns rather than one unisex unit
  • Investigation into an increase in cleaning times for the existing Porta-john
  • An update on the progress being made on the Retaining Wall
  • A permanent sign listing what is or is not acceptable waste for the bins
  • Possible Hazardous waste signage
  • The provision of a “Welcome to Lake Matinenda” sign

Oct. 21, 2009  Blind River Public Works Committee Meeting

Ed Pilon and Jim Hamilton attended the meeting.  They brought up the following concerns:

  • The need for two Porta Potties at the landing.  One for males and one for females.
    • The Committee agreed get the prices for two units to be cleaned once a week vs. one unit to be cleaned twice a week.
  • The Association agreed with the Engineer’s report and design for the Breakwall.  They requested the handicapped dock be moved over 10 feet to allow for two boats launching at the same time.
  • The Association requested that the three missing handicapped parking signs be replaced, others repaired and two additional spots be added.

**No official note appears in the committee’s minutes, but committee verbally agreed to replace, repair and increase the signs.

  • The Association requested a job description of the Dock Attendants duties which would then be shared with the membership regarding the actual assigned duties of the Dock Attendants.  They also noted how pleased the Association has been with their work overall.
  • The Committee was made aware of the article in the Sault Star regarding Matinenda Lake water quality and give a copy.
  • The Association requested a 3X5 Welcome Sign.
    • The committee agreed to get prices for the sign.  Councilor Kennedy noted that the cost sharing for the sign could be arranged.


Maureen Bell, lake resident, was also attending this meeting and brought up her concerns:

  • Badly needed repairs to the docks
    • The Council responded that new chains and anchors had been installed last year, but they would look into her other concerns.
    • The low water levels
      • The Council stated that water levels were under the control of the MNR.


November 2009 Letter to Board Members regarding the above.


Jan 22, 2010  Letter to Ed Pilon from Ken Corbiere, regarding follow-up action on concerns that were shared at the Committee Meeting

Mr. Corbiere responded regarding to the concerns brought up at the October meeting as follows:

  • Porta-potties : The Committee will provide “2  units (from 4 Season Septic) serviced once per week”.  The Association has the option to cover the cost for a second cleaning per week.
    • 4 Season’s Septic Service quoted:
      • $90 per week for on unit being cleaned twice a week
      • $80 per unit for two units to be cleaned once a week.
  • Breakwall: “No decision made at this time”
  • Welcome Sign: “The Association can provide and install a Welcome sign at their cost.”
  •  Dock Repairs: “The Public Works Departmenthas repaired the docks at the landing as per concerns …”.
  • Dock attendants: “A copy of the job description is located on the wall in the building”
  • No mention was made regarding the Handicapped Signs


Feb 24, 2010 Letter to Ken Corbiere regarding donations by the Association

The Board noted that; “In keeping with the intent of our charter, we would like to use some of this money to fund or help sponsor one or more of the City’s charitable projects.” and asked for suggestions for needy charitable organizations.


March 11, 2010 Letter to Town of Blind River’s City Council

The Board reminded the Council that they had agreed to replace and increase the Handicapped parking signs at the landing and that such action had still not taken place.

The Board informed the Council that they would look into the cost of purchasing and installing a Welcome Sign for Lake Matinenda.

The Board requested a response regarding:

  • A permanent sign listing what is or is not acceptable waste for the bins
  • Possible Hazardous waste signage
  • A link on the City of Blind River’s website to the Lake Matinenda website