Landing Waste Disposal Guidelines

Hello Everybody!
Just a friendly reminder on the waste disposal guidelines for the landing and dumpster area – it’s really important that we keep this as clean and clear of garbage as possible in order to ensure continued service by the Town.
Please follow the guidelines posted below – the Town has set up cameras to help control illegal dumping, but should you see any small loose garbage that may have escaped the dumpster, could you please pick it up and put it back in.
Everyone’s help is very much appreciated!

Message From The President…

Hello Matinenda cottage owners!
It has been brought to my attention that some of you have questions:
Why raise dues?
Why charge for advertising at the welcome shack?
Why fund raise?

To date we have 62 paid members, totaling $1240 in annual revenue.
Here are some of our operating expenses and answers:

$125 per year & $4 per association member goes to FOCA.
$1000 paid for upgrading lake marker lights (not including donated batteries), labour to build them and gas to install and maintain them regularly.
$260 per year in Web site expenses (not including donated time to manage).
Annual GM meeting which costs over $360.
Administration costs including postage.
Future expenses including:

Upgrades to welcome shack, new shingles, staining, possibly closing it in for more protection from the elements and bugs.
Extra signage for docks and parking lot that town does not provide.
Capital funds to put on future social events.
This past winter we put on a snowmobile show and shine in McDonald’s Bay which raised $172 and lasted most of the day. A special thanks to the 8 or so volunteers who made this happen!

If anyone has an idea for an event and would like to host it please let us know and we will help you make it happen.

Please note unpaid dues can be sent payable to:

Matinenda Cottage Association
PO Box 772
Blind River On

(or can be paid at the annual GM meeting this summer).

Town of Blind River- Online Issue Reporting

The Town of Blind River has a system where we can report any issues via the website. They have committed to responding to these reports in a timely fashion. Please use this system to report any maintenance or safety issues
concerning the Landing.

Go to the Town of Blind River website, – at the top right
corner of the home page click on report an issue