LMCOA Board of Directors Meeting, 23 July 2014

Minutes from the LMCOA Board of Directors Meeting, July 23 2014.

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association Inc. (LMCOA) Board of Directors Meeting, 23 July 2014

Meeting called to order, 1:00 p.m, Ron Servatius’s cottage.

Present: Ron Servatius, Dennis Davey, Herb Herriman, Bill Ryan, Dave Hall, Bill Shafer, Caroline Bledsoe Absent: Laure Olsen, John Godbolt.

Topics: General items and Agenda, Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 2, 2014 at the grassy area on the hill above the Landing. Registration & refreshments (from Tim Horton’s) at 10am, meeting at 11am.

Several Directors met with the town Council and agreed to work with Scott Smith, Marina Manager, to improve dock safety at Matinenda. There was agreement for LMCOA to install safety equipment.

Bill Ryan agrees to work with MNR re environmental issues, and to provide storage for LMCOA files at his camp.

Dennis Davey agrees to be the liason to the Town Council.

Discussion about replacing CB at Welcome House. No action, topic ‘tabled’.

MPAC – Tax evaluations. General discussion.

Swiss Island sub-division: what are roles of Ministries of Health, Environment and Natural Resources?

By-Laws. Dave Hall said copies will be distributed to members at AGM, followed by discussion and a plan to vote on revisions at the 2015 AGM. Revisions ‘expand’ definition of membership, make LMCOA more inclusive, re-vitalize LMCOA. It will also be necessary to re-open the Constitution.

Corporation issues. Are we required to file an Income Tax Return? An Audit form? Motion to consult a CPA or lawyer re tax issues, $250.00, Davey/Herriman/passed.

Treasurer’s report. Motion to authorize Treasurer to pay expenses (1) FOCA membership (~$350), (2) Secretary’s expenses, (3) webmaster honorarium (Jeff Rice), $100; (4) Cliff Spratt, honorarium $50. Passed. The 2014 and proposed 2015 Dues Notices were discussed. Pay-Pal as an option was approved with Bledsoe’s offer to cover costs up to $100. Letter from Petersen & Petersen re Family Retreat Corporation was discussed. Laure Olsen (via Bledsoe) offered to continue to check PO box and deposit checks at the bank. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report: Bledsoe/Hall/Passed.

Secretary’s report: Ontario Volunteer Service Awards — successful for 2014, will ask for names for 2015 at AGM. Bulletin Board in Welcome House – 6 keys available: 1 Bledsoe, 2 Hide-a-key, 3 Herb Herriman, 4 Bill Ryan, 5 Ron Servatius, 6….spare. Craft group plans Rummage sale on Aug 14. Lake water levels and problems were discussed; agreement to ask Ray Lipinski to talk at AGM. Locator Maps to be distributed to members at AGM, but Directory will not…until 2015 after individual permissions are received.

Discussion of agenda for AGM, draft to be prepared by Secretary.

Adjourned 5:07pm

Respectfully submitted,
Caroline Bledsoe, Secretary and Bill Shafer/Director

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