LMCOA Board of Directors Meeting, 11 August 2014

Minutes from the LMCOA Board of Directors Meeting, August 11 2014.

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association Inc. (LMCOA) Board of Directors Meeting, 11 August 2014

Meeting called to order, 2:00 p.m, Herb Herriman’s cottage.

Present: Directors: Jim Hogg, John Godbolt, John Grabowski, Herb Herriman, Bill Shafer, Caroline Bledsoe, Liz Van Atter, and Ron Servatius (past President). Absent: Dennis Davey, Bill Ryan.

Topics: General items and Agenda, Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Ron Servatius, out-going President, made general comments.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 25.

Treasurer’s Report and comments. Document is discussed, including issues about (a) Pay-Pal as option for payments, (b) requirements of Corporation – what docs are required to be filed? Tax Returns? Notice of Change? Should LMCOA consider ending our Corporation? Godbolt will look into benefits and costs. Membership in FOCA is discussed, what are the benefits? By-Laws are discussed and the revisions to expand definition of membership. Hogg asked about changing the 1 lot/1 vote to an earlier (1990’s??) ‘rule’ of 1 owner/ 1 vote (i.e. owners who have paid dues can vote, even if from a single lot if all are owners). Discussion but no changes were approved at this time. Discussion of taxes included comments that all tax revenues go to town, none to Province. Discussion of the value of a list of recommended contractors and businesses, including how to determine “good/recommended” vs. “Bad/not recommended” businesses. After discussion of allowing paid ads in the Newsletter, Board agreed to accept ads but not to provide a list due to liabilities and difficulties in determining good vs bad.

Secretary’s Report: Bledsoe circulated a list of new Directors with their contact info and requested corrections. The draft Minutes from the 2014 AGM were circulated for revisions. A photo of the recent Clean up at the Dumpsters was circulated. The Web site’s digital archive was discussed, as was the paper archive (stored at Bill Ryan’s camp). Bledsoe reported that the Craft Group has raised a lot of money for LMCOA in the past and suggested a letter of appreciation; approved by the Board. Suggestions for persons to be recognized for their services to the lake were made, including for the (a) Ontario Volunteer Service awards – residents of Ontario only; (b) Good Citizenship Award – again, Ontario only;, and (c ) a LMCOA Service Awards – a new designation – allowing non-Ontario residents to be recognized. Persons suggested: Laure and Doug Olsen; Ted Thiel; Ron Servatius. Finally Bledsoe reported on the Newsletter for 2015 (Robin Schellekens Editor): Suggestions for articles: Lake Water level management, Results of 2014 Fish Monitoring Survey; List of useful web sites; Profiles of 3 new Directors [Hogg, Van Atter, Grabowski], Ice-Out 82 yr record; Service Awards; Issues of sub-division of lots; Keeping the cottage in the family – how to add names to deed; information about FOCA and it’s services; lightening strikes and protection of sensitive equipment, other……. It was agreed to ask Robin to ask local businesses if they want to pay for an ad in the newsletter.

Election of Officers: President (1 nomination, Herriman; approved, no objections). Vice-President (2 nominations, Davey and Shafer, 1 vote/Davey, 6 votes/Shafer). Secretary (1 nomination, Bledsoe; approved, no objections). Treasurer (1 nomination, Godbolt, approved, no objections).

Future Board meetings: Proposed meeting Friday Sept 5, but several Directors will have left the lake by late August, so meeting cancelled. It was decided to have one or more ‘virtual’ meetings via e mail (or Skype) in the period

Adjourned 5:07pm

Respectfully submitted, Caroline Bledsoe, Secretary

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