September 2012 Board Meeting

Minutes from the September 2012 LMCOA Board Meeting:

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association Board Meeting
Sept. 6, 2012

Attending: Pres. Ed Pilon, Treas. Linda Hamilton, Sec. Robin Z. Schellekens, Caroline Bledsoe, Rick Bryant, Dave Hall, Laure Olsen, Tom Scott and Ron Servatius

Meeting Began at 1:05pm

Welcome and Review

Ed welcomed new Board Member,Tom Scott, who had been unable to attend our first “New Board” Meeting. He also gave a brief review of the procedures and intent of the Board.

Treasurer’s Report
Linda reminded the Board that at our last meeting we had passed a resolution that she would present both an updated list of ‘active/paid members” as well as a monthly bank statement. She presented both at this time. Linda explained that a bank error of $79.22 had occurred when the teller did not record the amount deposited in coin, she had called the bank and this error has been corrected.
As of Aug. 29, 2012, the Association had $3,566.87 in the Active Account. The GIC’s equaled $10,875.95 as of June 30, 2012, however
this would be less $2800.84 which had been used to cover the initial cost of the cookbook’s publication.

As of this time,proceeds are as follows: Cookbook Sales are $2529.00, Locator Map sales are $175.00 and Matinenda Fun Day are $260.72.
Some conversation followed regarding the Maps and Cookbook profits, as the money had become combined during General Meeting and The Harz’
Bar-B-Que. Given that 87 maps have been sold, it would be expected that the actual map proceeds should be approximately $435.00. Linda
stated that more money had come and in needed to be deposited and that it was difficult to know how to determine the amounts for each
project without an accurate number of cookbooks sold. Ed asked Robin to write a letter to Nancy Harz, former head of the Special Events
Committee, to attain that information.

In keeping with the Incorporation requirements, the Board had passed a proposal that an official Bank statement would be presented at each Board Meeting and a copy given to the Secretary for the official records. Linda explained that she had been in and spoken with bank
representative, Sue Jensen, regarding this request. Ms. Jensen had explained that a statement would always be one month behind and would
merely reflect what was already in the Association’s Bank Book. Linda’s report included copies of the Bank Book, and Board Members
realized that the book was indeed an official bank created record of deposits and withdraws. It was decided that a copy of said Bank
Book, as well as a copy of it’s cover page and records of deposit, would be acceptable for future reports.

Linda also stated that her calculation of the number of Active Members, given at the last Board Meeting was in accurate now that we
are using a January 1 to December 31st calendar year. The number of Active Members for 2012 is 94. Linda then asked if the Board would like her to deposit the Cookbook proceeds into the GIC account from which the advance had been taken, or leave it in the active account. There was some discussion regarding how best to acquire the greatest interest for the Association’s money and it was decided that Linda, Ed and Robin would go to the bank this winter to explore the options. In the meantime, Dave Hall Proposed that the Association “…reinvest the proceeds ($2800.00) from the cookbook into the GIC account from which the advance had been withdrawn.” This was seconded by Linda Hall and passed unanimously.

Caroline asked if there were numbers to compare regarding the membership in the year where Newsletters were emailed and mailed, as
opposed to 2012 in which all members received paper copies. These numbers are not currently available, but Robin will try to find and
calculate them for the next meeting.

Ron Servatius proposed “…that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted.” This was seconded by Dave and passed unanimously .
Linda then exited the meeting as she had a prior appointment.

III. Secretary’s Report
Robin gave another of her bullet speed readings of the last Board Meetings Minutes, with some brief asides to review specific items as
needed. Tom Scott proposed that “…the Minutes of the August 13th, 2012 Board Meeting be accepted as read.” This was
seconded by Caroline Bledsoe and passed unanimously. Robin reminded that Board of the letter that was sent to Katie
Scott, Clerk Administrator for the Town of Blind River, on August 16, 2012 and the items therein. Ed reminded that Board that the
Association had been directed to address all letters of concern to Ms. Scott by the Town Councilman, Alex Solomon. She then proceeded
to read the letter of response received from Ms. Scott on August 24, 2012.

Briefly summarized it was as follows:
Request for Robin Z. Schellekens, to become a voting member of the Blind River Marina Park Committee: “Marina Committee is at capacity….encourage you to apply again.”

Weed whipping at landing: No response

The promised grading of the Parking lot which should be done in both the spring and fall each year: “The grading of the parking will be done in the Fall and …added to his (Town Foreman) work list for next spring to avoid this problem next year.”

No staff shirts were given to the Matinenda Dock Attendants: “…I am not sure why the delay but this will not happen next year.”

Life Ring has no rope and is unavailable for use: “…a rope has been provided now.”

Dock Attendant wages and separate pay grant for Matinenda Attendants: No response

Finding Town’s engineering and designs for dock and seawall improvements 2009: No response given

Ten year requests/promises for seawall and dock replacement and repair:
“The seawall is a capital item that will have to be worked into a budget. This will have to come from your Committee (Marina or Association? I am unclear of her meaning here) during budget negotiations. As I am sure you and the committee can appreciate we are not able to complete all capital projects that are recommend to the Finance Committee during budget negotiations for the entire town of Blind River they will need to be prioritized.”

Documentation of expenditures by Town for Matinenda from 2003/04 provincial grant: No response

2010 promise of dock, landing and parking signs: “The signs have been ordered….I will keep following up with Daryl on this as

Reported $12,000 line item in Town budget for Matinenda: “The line item for the landing reflects the salaries of the dock
attendants and nothing further. We do not budget for for each of our municipal landings individually only the Matinenda Landing as we
need to properly reflect dock attendants.”

Acquiring copy of Town Budget and financial reports post 2009 (the last year reported on line): Separate letter from Ms. Scott dated
Aug. 17, 2012: “I can make the budget available for you for 2012. It will be on our website Monday. If you want a printed copy it is
.25 cents per page.

As for our statements, the Town hired a new audit firm for 2010 and in preparing our 20109 audit they encountered errors and discrepancies with the new PSAB accounting put in place by the Province in 2009, therefore there is a delay in our
audit and we have just now received our 2010 audit. This document will be available next week for your review.”
Request for long term boat parking By-law: “A By-law could be drafted, but the questions is still “who will enforce this”.
This is a matter that Council is aware of and is looking at.”
Robin apologized that she had forgotten to include our on going concern regarding a lack of emergency phone service on the lake in the latest letter. She will be sure to include it in our response.
There was a great deal of discussion and concern following the reading of Ms. Scott’s reply. The Board remains dissatisfied with the town’s seeming lackadaisical attitude regarding the landing’s appearance (weeds, grading, signs and staff shirts) and will monitor the stated objectives regarding these item.
The greatest concern continues to be the safety issues at the landing and in particular the seawall and docks.
Tom suggested that the Association follow Ms. Scott’s suggestion by writing a letter to the Marina Park committee requesting the replacement and repair of Matinenda’s seawall and docks. This letter should include a request that the Committee approach the Town council to attain a cost estimate for the project which can then be presented as a proposed budget item. He also suggested that we attain a copy of ,and become familiar with, the Provincial Municipality Act which requires certain services and action by municipalities for services and so forth. Robin will seek that out and email the Board with her findings. Robin suggested that the Board write directly to both the Engineering firm and the building firm that was hired by the town in 2009, and request the detailed official copies of the engineer’s report and seawall/dock replacement designs.

Tom Scott stated that these items were public record and that the Association did have a right to request such copies and proposed that “…Robin Schellekens be authorized to contact Tulloch Engineering to obtain a copy of the correspondence with the Town of Blind River regarding the landing and seawall at Lake Matinenda.” This was seconded by Rick Bryant and passed unanimously. Tom Scott also proposed that “ Robin Schellekens be authorized to make contact with the Engineers who preformed the original assessment of the seawall and docks at Matinenda to obtain a copy of their investigative report and recommendations.” This was seconded by Ron Servatius and passed
unanimously. Robin will write said letters within the next few days and send copies to the Board.

Charitable Donations
Ed explained that in the last few years the Association had made charitable donations to various town entities such as the museum, library and food bank. These have always been received well and show the Association’s commitment to being an involved and vital part of the Blind River community. He asked for the Board’s comments and suggestions regarding donations for this year. Tom felt that it was the Town Council’s job to adequately fund these items and given that they were not spending much on Matinenda, there should be plenty of money to do so. He suggested that the Association limit or cease such donations until the lake’s needs were being met. There was a great deal of discussion and conflicted feelings regarding this suggestion. Caroline stated that libraries and museum never have large enough budgets regardless of where they were. Robin shared a conversation she had had with a Library employee in which she learned that the Library had lost a $3000 government grant for computer maintenance and hardware. She stated that it appeared that a number of the lake’s residents used the computers and internet connection at the library and it would seem natural for the Association to support that. Tom said that there was a donation jar at the library desk that residents could contribute to. Ed then stated that he’d have a difficult time rationalizing not helping the Food Bank at least. Ed went on to say that he thought the museum had received several grants and had even hired a new employee, so perhaps the Food Bank and Library should be the reciprocates of any donations we made this year. There was more discussion and debate. Caroline Bledsoe proposed that “…the Association donate $150 to the Blind River Public Library.” Robin Schellekens seconded. The proposal failed 3:4.
Ron Servatius proposed that “…the Association make a donation of $150 to the Blind River Food Bank.” Rick Bryant seconded. The motion was carried unanimously. Dave Hall proposed that in order to be sure that we were reflecting the opinion of our members, that “….the Board request direction from the membership at the 2013 Annual Meeting for future charitable donations and that a ceiling of $300 total be set.” Laure Olsen seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

By-Laws, Stamps and Seal
There was continued discussion and recommendations regarding the Association’s By-Law Revisions project. Tom Scott and Rick Bryant are both joining Dave and Ron on that committee. As this item is still a work-in-progress, I will not be sharing the details until it becomes
more finalized. There were some questions regarding the name (does it reflect our incorporated name) on the Association’s
official seal and the location of it’s “rubber stamp”. Robin was asked to find and share the wording on the seal and to double check
if the stamp was in the official documents files.

VI. New Business
Cell Phone Reception: Dan Ford contacted Ed and shared that he had recently purchased a Wilson Cell Phone Booster for $298 and
was now able to use his cell phone successfully at his cottage. He said that this item, or something similar, was available at most cell
phone stores and Futureshop. Ed suggested that Robin put that information on the website.

Town of Blind River Economic Development Office: Brad Parsons, of the stated office, contacted Ed to let him know that they would like input from the cottagers. The Board said that they would first like to see what is being proposed. Robin stated that the Marina Committee had asked her to meet with Brad regarding her idea for a grant for the landing and tie in ideas. She will report back to the Board after her visit. The contact information is:
705.356.5715 Ext. 222

Members Directory for Board
Members Only: Caroline said that she had been updating the membership database and wondered if the Board would again like a confidential copy of the information. Ed said he had heard some members grumbling about not wanting to share email addresses and the Board stated that as such information was for Board use only there should not be a problem. Tom said that names and addresses and any information appearing on the tax rolls was officially public information. The Board asked for emailed copies of the updated information.

Emailed Copies of the Newsletter: Caroline stated that several members had asked to have their newsletters emailed to them, rather than waste money on paper copies. The Board decided that we would happily honor all such requests!

The Dock Shop and Lost Services: Caroline shared that she had been approached by several members regarding their dismay over the
inactive Dock Shop and lack of gasoline on the lake. Robin reminded that Board that Cliff Spratt had told the members at the previous two
Annual General Meetings, that these services would disappear if they were not used more. She and Ed said that there was not enough profit
for the Dock Shop and gas services to be continued this year. Caroline wondered if someone, or even the Association, could lease them and run them in future. Tom said that the insurance cost would be prohibitive and there was also concern that a nonprofit probably could not run a business even if a lease could be attained. Caroline then asked if perhaps a local farmer or someone from the area might be willing and able to come to the landing once a week with fresh produce. Robin and Rick thought perhaps the Welcome Hut could be used for that, if a vendor could be found, as it belonged to the Association. Both Ed and Caroline thought the owners of Wilson’s, should be approached about the idea. Ed will do so ASAP.

Rick said that he had been approached by several members, and that he shared their concerns, regarding the garbage and the garbage dumpsters. There is a great deal of garbage being left outside of the containers, which is then spread by animals, which may be the result of the difficulty in opening the dumpsters themselves. He said the lids are heavy and it is difficult, especially for the elderly, to hold them open while throwing garbage in. He wondered if there might be another design available. Ed explained that he thought that the dumpsters were provided by the company that the Town employed for garbage pick up and was used because they were reportedly “bear
proof”. He noted that he had found the lids being left open on several occasions. There was some discussion regarding whether they
needed repair and Robin shared that a resident had recently noted that a different, and more user friendly, bear proof model was in use
in “cottage country” and that she had asked for photos and more information. She said she would pursue that line of information and the Board said that this too should be addressed in the next letter to Ms. Scott as there might be something available we are unaware of.

VII: Adjournment
Tom Scott made the motion “…that the meeting be adjourned”. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 3:43 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted Sept. 11, 2012 by Robin Z Schellekens, Sec.