Board Meeting, June 2012

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association’s

June 19, 2012 Board Meeting

Topic: Proposed Bi-Laws

Attending: Ed Pilon, Linda Hamilton, Robin Z. Schellekens, Laure Olsen, Dick Brennan and Dave Hall

Meeting began at 12:00 Noon.

  1. Resignations

Ed announced that Jim Hamilton has resigned from the Board. As his term officially ends at the up-coming Annual Meeting on July 28th, it was generally agreed that a replacement was not required.

  1. Flower Pots at the Landing:

The planters are complete and very attractive.

There was some concern that the perennials that were offered and prepared, which would have saved money, were not used for the planters.

Nancy Harz submitted her receipts for $331.88, which included a $15 tip for Dock Attendant Dave Hall who went above and beyond in helping with the preparation and planting.

Nancy requested that the money be transferred directly into her account at Scotia Bank. After some discussion regarding the problems with paper trails and so forth, it was decided that Linda Hamilton would write a check to Nancy, which Laure deliver. I am unsure if Laure was given a check at the meeting.

    1. Lake Maps and Misc. Receipts

The four page colored maps of the lake and its residents, as created by Caroline Bledsoe, have been printed and mailed to Robin at her US address. Ron Servatius will bring them up when he arrives around June 26th. There are 100 maps in total and
the printing actually ran slightly less than expected, so a slight profit will be made. The maps will be sold at Association events this summer for $5 each.

Caroline submitted receipts for the map and various other items that she has acquired on the Association’s behalf in the last 12 months for a total of $431.55. She too had requested that the money be transferred directly into her bank account.

It was decided that a check would be written to Caroline and given to Robin, who would then deposit it in her account. I (Robin) did not receive the check at the meeting.

      1. History on Bi-laws and Town Response

In her flurry of reorganization of 50 years of Association paperwork and files, Robin came across several letters regarding by-laws that would apply to the docks and landing on the lake. Prior to Annexation the OPP was enforcing and ticketing boats that were parking at the docks for extended (more than 3 days) periods. They were able to do this within the auspices of “trespassing” as the Association was leasing the property and had signs posted that prohibited long term parking. When the lake was annexed the Town Council told the Association that all existing by-laws would become Town
by-laws as part on the annexation process.

With the increase in boat traffic, boat size and the closing of the Northland Lodge this issue is becoming an even greater one.

When Ed approached the Town with this information, he was told that they had never formally written the existing by-laws into those of the town!! They suggested that the Association ask that this be a an Agenda item for the next Marina Committee Meeting and presented by our representative. (That would be Good Ol’ Robin again) It was suggested that we once again request the creation of a by-law pertaining to this issue.

Robin will write a letter requesting that this item be added to the next Marina Committee Agenda.

      1. The Welcome House

The Welcome House, which was donated to the Association by the Bagshaw Family in memory of their parents and brother Dickie, is in need of a re-staining. Ed suggested that this be brought up at the General meeting with the idea that volunteers from the
Association could do the work.

The Board was very favorable to the idea, so Ed requested that Robin write a letter to the Town requesting permission to do the same. I, Robin, stated that I had already brought it up at the June Marina Meeting and that it had be approved by Alex Solomon at that time. It was also confirmed at the Marina Committee
Meeting that the Welcome House belonged to the Association and that they were therefor responsible for its upkeep.

      1. Fishing Derby

The Fishing Derby Committee is now being chaired by Linda Hamilton. Robin had already given her all of the “request for donations” letters and addresses, as well as the laminated signs announcing the Derby. The Derby will be held on Saturday, July 21st.

Linda had delivered all of the letters to the businesses and is extremely impressed with the response thus far. In face the monetary donations have been so high, that she felt the $2 entrance fee was unnecessary.

Dave Hall motioned that “the Fishing Derby Entrance Fee for 2012 be abolished”. Dick Brennan seconded and it was passed unanimously.

      1. Miscellaneous

There was some discussion regarding where the map of the lake idea originated and it was noted that it had been brought up at the 2011 Annual Meeting.

The Lockable Bulletin Board donated by the Wallace Family has been installed in the Welcome House. Either in transit or installation a crack occurred in the glass of the left door. It has been taped for the time being and will be replaced asap.

I, Robin, requested clarification on whether the Board Meeting Minutes should be posted on the web site. In the spirit of ‘transparency” and past practice, it was decided that the minutes should be posted and available to members. I also again stated
that a written policy regarding the Association Website should be created. Ed requested that I come up with a straw-man to which the Board could then respond.

I, Robin, also showed the Board a copy of a Motion Form that is used by the Town at all their meetings. It helps keep everything organized and gives another written record of proposals. The other Board Members were comfortable with this idea and I told I
could create something similar for future use.

There was some discussion regarding the celebration of the Association’s 50th Anniversary. It was decided that cake would be served following the meeting. I, Robin, will also send letters informing the Town, The Standard and the Provincial Premier of our anniversary.

VII. By-Laws

Dave Hall and Ron Servatius have been working hard on the clarification and possible simplification of the existing By-Laws. As a result of Incorporation, Ontario’s corporate By-Law One is the guiding document for the Association. There was/is a
number of areas and procedures that the Board felt needed to be clarified.

I, Robin, created a packet for each Member of the Board was given a packet containing The Ontario Non-Profit Handbook, The Ontario Rules of Incorporation (including By-Law One), the former Association By-Laws and the Proposed New Association By-Laws.

Two long hours of discussion followed until everyone’s brains were mush, at which time Dave said that he would revise any items we’d suggested and that we could meet again on this
subject in the near future.

VIII. Adjourned

Linda Hamilton made a motion that the meeting be adjourned, Dick Brennan seconded and all agreed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:05pm