Board Meeting, May 2012

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association

Board Meeting

May 29, 2012

Board Members Attending:  E. Pilon, J. Hamilton, L. Hamilton, L. Olsen, D. Brennen and R. Schellekens
Also Attending:  Nancy Harz

I. Bi-Laws

Meeting will be held in Mid June after Dave Hall arrives at the lake.

Board Members are requested to be familiar with and have their copies of the “Tentative Bi-laws” in hand, along with their notes, for meeting. Be prepared for a somewhat lengthy meeting.

II. Special Projects Committee Report.

Nancy Harz reporting.

A. Cookbook:

A Canadian company is being used.  All recipes were entered on line which saved a great deal of time.  Some recipes were added which had been in the previous edition of the cookbook. CB handles were attached to names whenever possible. C. Bledsoe and D. Ruley proofed.  Maureen Bell has volunteered to have the books delivered to her home.

Each of the 13 Sections/ Categories contain a header page which is a  colored photograph of the lake. Both the back and front covers will be laminated and the corners are round cut.  400,  rather than 300, copies were ordered as the individual copy cost at that level was much less.

No down payment is needed, as we are a non-profit.  A first payment of 50% is required 30 days after delivery, with the balance due 30 days later.  There is a 5% tax and shipping is approximately 10%, however the company provides a number of free copies per order to help off set that cost.  If a re-order is placed within 90- 120 days after initial order, there is a 5 % discount.

The cost of the Cook Books is approximately $7.50 each.  The company recommends that they be sold for $17.50.  After some discussion, the Board suggested that the books be sold for $17 each, but if three or more are purchased the price be dropped to $15 each.

R. Schellekens suggested that if there was still time, the books could be marked as “50th Anniversary Edition”.  N. Harz will bring this and the Board’s pricing suggestion back to her Committee for consideration.

Dispersing of copies and collection of money will be done by Committee members. They will be using both a receipt book and ledger for accounting purposes and all money and records will be forwarded on to Treas.  L. Hamilton.  N. Harz will inform L. Hamilton as to when payments are due.

B. Family Day:

Will be held on Aug. 11th.  N. Harz is checking with Souci’s regarding use of Dock Shop area.

Not sure on what exactly will take place and be offered that day.  Best sellers in the past have been Baked Goods and Garage Sale type items.

Board requested that all sellers be asked to make some level of monetary donation to the Association, as this did not occur last year.

The Committee plans on advertising the event in both the Stand and North Shore publications.  It is already posted on the Town’s On-line Calendar.

III. Fishing Derby

J. Hamilton reporting.

Derby will on July 21st from 9am – 4pm and is for children 2 -14 yrs of age.

R. Schellekens will run off copies of Sponsor Request letters, addresses and provide envelopes to L. Hamilton tomorrow.

J. Hamilton will do follow up visits to business to obtain gifts and prizes.  He is in the process of setting up sub-committees to handle food, prizes and creation of gift bags.

R. Schellekens will run off 2 posters for placement at the landing.  L. Olsen is looking into getting hats for participants.

Games and Face Painting plans are undecided at this time.

IV. Bulletin Board / Enclosed Sign

E. Pilon reporting.

E. Pilon has the sign and invited attending Board Members to take a look at it.  Oh ah!

The locking cabinet has four keys, two of which will be filed with Association material. R. Schellekens and L. Hamilton will each have one as well.

E. Pilon and J. Hamilton will install the sign inside the Welcome House sometime within the next week.

V. The Dock and Landing

E. Pilon reporting.

E. Pilon and  J. Hamilton, met with Councilmen Kennedy, Moise and Solomon as well as the Town Foreman and his Assistant at the Landing on April 30th.

They were told:

The docks will be in and repaired by May 19th. (The docks were in, but repairs had not yet been made)

Plastic Lattice would installed to create safety walls on the walkway and new wood headers would be installed on the top of the existing seawall.  All in attendance agreed that the seawall was in extremely bad shape and needed to be replaced. However, no work on the seawall is planned at this time.(Portions of lattice had been installed and work was on-going as of today)

It was noted that the existing signs regarding Boat Trailer Parking, were too high up and too small to be read by motorist.  They will be replaced.

The area directly behind the garbage bins is be cleaned and leveled for additional boat trailer parking. (This appears to have been done)

The promised signs for in town and at the corner of Cemetery Hill, directing people to Lake Matinenda, have been ordered and will be installed soon.

A follow-up letter to the town regarding this meeting, the work being done and the signs needed will be written by E. Pilon and typed and sent by R. Schellekens.

All future matters are to be put in writing and sent to Kate Scott at City Hall.

E. Pilon noted that the Welcome House is looking a bit worn and faded.  He suggested that the Association could purchase stain and do the work themselves. L. Hamilton motioned for the the Association to purchase stain and stain the Welcome Hut.  D. Brennen seconded.  Motion was passed Unanimously.

VI. Membership

R. Schellekens has forwarded names of returned US newsletters to C. Bledsoe for correction.  L. Olsen will follow up with those returned from CA addresses and forward the information as well.

L. Olsen made a motion for the purchase of a  return address rubber stamp to be used for newsletters and other correspondence. L. Hamilton  seconded.  The motion was passed Unanimously. L. Hamilton will be in charge of the purchase and the stamp will be stored with the rest of the Association materials.

L.Hamilton is keeping on on-going record of paid membership, however these records are only available to herself and the President.  They will also be available at the General Meeting for voting purposes.

VII. Finances

Tres. L. Hamilton reporting

As of March 31, 2012 there is $10,870.60 in the GIC and $1302.78 in checking.

At the request of L. Hamilton, D. Brennen made a motion that $200 be removed from the checking account and placed in Petty Cash.  L. Olsen seconded.  The motion was passed Unanimously.

R. Schellekens asked that for the safety of the Attendants and the Association, the Board consider making and purchasing a lockable cash box with a slot in the top, for use by the Dock Attendants when collecting Association Dues.  The Board agreed this was a good idea.  R. Schellekens will pursue it.

VIII. Coffee Maker

E. Pilon reporting.

The J. Breen Coffee Company out of Elliot Lake, which sells coffee and all of the extras there of, will sell us a 50 Cup Coffee Maker for $190.  They will also supply us the coffee and so forth at a discount, as well as make a donation to the Fishing Derby.

J. Hamilton motioned that the aforementioned Coffee Maker be purchased.  L. Olsen seconded.  The motion passed Unanimously.

IX. Maps of the Lake

R. Schellekens reporting of behalf of C. Bledsoe.

C. Bledsoe asked the Board for approval to sell the 4-map-set of  colored property maps she has created at future Association Events.  The maps cost approximately $4 a set.  The Board thought this was a great idea and would be much appreciated by members.

D. Brennen motioned for C. Bledsoe to acquire 100 sets of the aforementioned map sets to be distributed at various evens for a cost of $5 each.  R. Schellekens seconded.  The motion passed Unanimously.

X. The Association’s 50th Anniversary

E. Pilon reporting.

The Board expressed it’s gratitude to L. Servatius who alerted them to the fact that 2012 was the 50th year of the Association.  There was much discussion as to how to mark this event.

R. Schellekens requested and received permission to write a Press Release regarding the event and to send it and a letter to the Town Council, The Standard and the North Shore.  She will run it by E. Pilon for approval before sending.

R. Schellekens also suggested a commemorative plague for placement inside the Welcome House as well as a plaque listing the past and future presidents. There was mixed enthusiasm regarding the idea, but she will pursue it for further consideration.

The Board decided to hold an Bar-B-Que following the Annual General Meeting.  L. Hamilton will coordinate the hotdogs and beverages and R. Schellekens will look into a sheet cake.

XI. Planting the Flower Boxes

E. Pilon noted that we now had 8 Flower Boxes at the landing that would need to be planted.  R. Schellekens reminded the Board that The Special Events Committee had volunteered and been accepted to be in charge of this task.

There was a good deal of discussion regarding the  proposed content of the boxes. N. Harz who comes from several generations of landscapers explained the need for good soil, fertilizer and the advantages of perennial vs. annual plants.  This too was discussed for a while.  When asked to guesstimate the cost,  she stated that she would think $25 -30 per box, but that this would end up being cheaper in the long run as we would be using perennials.  L. Olsen and L. Hamilton both thought they had access to at least some perennials that could be used.

R. Schellekens stated she was familiar with such cost and agreed with N. Harz stating that that amount could be budgeted for and any access returned to our account.  E. Pilon voiced his concerns that the Board had spent quite a bit of money on various items in the last year or two.  He asked if perhaps only some of the boxes could be planted or annuals used at least for this year.  Again there was much discussion.

R. Schellekens motioned that the Special Events Committee be granted up to $350 for planting expenses, with the understanding that any unused money would be returned to our account. D. Brennen seconded.  4 Votes in Favor,  3 Against. Motion was passed.

XII. Printer

E. Pilon again asked if the receipt had been found for the printer and the rebate requested.  Neither L. Hamilton or R. Schellekens have been able to find the receipt.  R. Schellekens will check her bank records and all three of her computers one more time.

XIII. Misc.

D. Brennen requested that a  written Financial statement be given to each Board member at future meetings as it was difficult to make informed decisions without one.  He also asked for some history regarding prior year finances. R. Schellekens will attempt to gather and print out that history for the next Board Meeting.

D. Brennen motioned that the meeting be adjourned.  R. Schellekens seconded.  Motion was passed and meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm.