Board Meeting, July 2011

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association Board Meeting

July 12, 2011

Attending: Ed Pilon, Linda Hamilton, Laure Olson, Dick Brennan, Dave Hall, Caroline Bledsoe, Ron Servatius and Robin Ziebert (Jim Hamilton was absent)

Meeting began at 1:00 pm
I. Review of June 14, 2011 Board Meeting Notes

II.  Ed Pilon’s Follow-up with Corbiere on July 8, 2011

1. Stated D. MacLean “would be out there today”.  There is no record that he was there other than on June 30, 2011.

2. Ed reminded him that trash-bags and wheelbarrow were promised a month ago and still were not there. They were delivered on July 12th.

III. Planned for Annual Meeting on July 16, 2011

1. Members read and approved Agenda
2. Members were assigned for various reports
3. Set up crew: Ed, Ron and Dave
4. Refreshments: Laure will order the items from Tim Horton.  Robin will purchase 2 cases of water.  Members will be encouraged to bring their own coffee mug or cup.
5. Announcement: Robin has posted the Meeting sign on the Welcome Hut. Ron will announce daily on the CB.
6. Determined the Hand-outs that Robin will have printed for the event.

IV.  Matinenda Special Project Committee Report: Nancy Harz
1. Cookbook : Beginning to get more recipes submitted. Approximately 23 contributors so far.
2. Matinenda Family Fun Day will occur on Saturday, Aug. 6th.
3. Information Sign directing to Matinenda:
Don Udell would let us add to his sign for $185. Laird’s sign must make the sign. Souci’s would be willing to split cost 50/50 for sign at the corner of Hwy at the corner near the graveyard.

Several members questioned the need for these signs. Nancy stated that they would help visitors find us more easily.

Dave stated that such signs would seem to be the providence of the Provincial government and that some residents might not even want to make us easier to find.

4. Beautification of the Landing:
A resident has suggested that since the town refuses to do anything, the Association should take over clean-up and beautifying the landing. They also suggested that Bear-proof trash cans should be located near the docks.

Ed referred to the recent meeting with Councilman Solomon in which he proposed to trade the abutments for planters and have someone come out to cut the weeds and trim the surrounding area. It was agreed that we should see if this occurs. Several members strongly stated that the Landing was the Town’s responsibility and they should be pressed to take care of it.

5. Recycling:

Residents are wondering if the lake could be more involved with recycling.  Robin reminded the board that we have sent five letters to the council requesting this. Following this meeting, on July 14th, she was contacted by Dolly Pigeon from the town’s Natural Resource Committee regarding this issue.  Dolly was invited and  will be speaking at the Annual Meeting. Robin also plans on looking into joining this committee.

6. Library FYI: They are currently piloting an e-book system.  It is free this year, but there may be a $1000 charge to the Library if they decide to implement it permanently. The Librarian was curious to know if this would be of interest to cottage owners.  Several Board Members stated they would enjoy it, especially if it were Kindle friendly.  Robin will copy or pick up the brochures for this program.

V.  Caroline Bledsoe
1. Reminders to Residents during the Meeting:
Caroline asked if the current addresses could be made available during the meeting so that they could be up-dated and/or corrected.  She stated that we had approximately 120 postal addresses and 110 email addresses.

It was suggested that the material be available and members reminded to up date their information at the meeting.  Robin stated that the Dock Attendants were also doing this when they were given dues.

She also wanted to remind the membership about the Flora and Fauna section of the website and request pictures of local plants.

Ron took this opportunity to share the colorful corpse of an Emerald Ash Borer Beetle which was only one of the half dozen he had found in his camp in the course of a day.  Much discussion ensued and Robin offered to take ownership of the corpse and to inform the proper authorities.

2. WI-Fi Network:
Caroline asked the Board if they had received the information about her husband Sam’s idea for creating a wireless system for the entire lake.  She explained that he had over $1800 worth of equipment and that this year would be an experiment to see if it was possible.

Dick, Ron and Robin enthusiastically endorsed this idea and stated that if it works, it is exactly the kind of project that should be funded by the Association as it has positive impact for the whole lake. Dick shared that he had a semi-working system and knew of a couple others.  After some discussion, Ed requested that a Technology Committee be formed to work with Sam on this issue and to report to the Board.  Ron and Dick were assigned to create this committee.

VI.  Approval of the Revised Constitution
Ed reminded the Board that a vote will be held at this Annual Meeting to approve the Revised Constitution. Robin will run off copies for the meeting and Dave will present it to the membership.

VII. Membership Numbers

Ed stated that our membership has dropped over the last few years.  He feels this is the result of using email, rather than snail mail, for our newsletter and correspondence. The majority of the board disagreed.

Laurie and Dick both stated that a number of people have voiced that they stopped coming to the meetings because the same issues came up year after year and nothing ever done.  Robin noted that according to the Association Archives,  this seems to have become a problem since the Annexation of the lake. She also stated that a number of people have told her that they are regaining faith as there has been visible progress in the last year and a half.

Robin also noted that the use of email and cyber information is more common than paper, and more environmentally sound, thus supporting our Association Goals.  The majority of the Board agreed.

All agreed to wait and see the number of attendees at this year’s meeting.

VIII. Park Sign

Robin shared an unfortunate observation that some campers on Brundage Bay had apparently cut down several large trees, possibly for firewood.  She stated that this was against the Provincial Park laws, but that it made her realize that tourist and visitors may not be aware of our Park status and the laws that pertain to it.  She asked the Board’s approval to contact the MNR on the Association’s behalf, requesting that a sign be installed at the landing that would provide this information. The Board approved and Robin will write the letter by early September.

IX. Review of Marina Committee Meeting on June 29, 2011

1. Lack of Action

Ed and Robin shared their disappointment regarding the seeming lack of action on the items identified at the Marina Meeting.  As of today the only things that had occurred were D. MacLean’s visit to the Landing on June 30th, the arrival of a wheelbarrow for the Dock  Attendants and some minor welding of the dock the day before.  Ed and Robin both stated that they felt Councilman Solomon was sincere in his concern and promises.

Ed planned on visiting D. MacLean and Councilman Kennedy on July 14th, and Robin offered to call Councilman Solomon as well.

Many of the Board members voiced there frustration and feelings that the lake was once     again being given lip service, but no action.  It was agreed that we would wait to hear what the Councilman had to say before taking additional action.

2. Join the Marina Committee

Ed informed the Board of Councilman Solomon’s invitation for the Association to have a Board member attend and eventually join the town’s Marina Committee.  A permanent member would need to be a Canadian and would have to file an application for membership.  Ed, Laurie and Robin all stated their interest in doing this.

Robin was asked to submit a request to be placed on the Committee’s August Agenda.

X. Improving Our Relationship with Town Councilman

Robin noted that she was struck by the fact that Councilman Solomon had never been on Matinenda before the meeting on June 29th.  She and Ed  thought it might be nice if we invited the entire Council and mayor out for a boat cruise and dinner.  All the Board was enthusiastic about this idea and Dick and Ron offered their pontoon boats and services for the event.  Nancy Harz suggested that we could invite them to her Annual Chicken Party at the end of August.  This offer was whole heartedly accepted and Robin will send a semi-formal invitation to each of the Council members.

Robin also shared that she had received more than one email from Mayor Jensen thanking the Association for its ongoing emails and up-dates.

XI.     Miscellaneous

1. Ron S.
The light on Froggy Flats/Stover’s Point has been repaired.
Who is officially watching the water level? It seems inconsistent.

2. Laurie O.
Town residents should remove their boat trailers from the parking lot.

Meeting ended at 2:15PM