Board Meeting, June 2011

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association Board Meeting

June 14, 2011

Attending: Ed Pilon (Pres.), Jim Hamilton, Laurie Olson, Nancy Hartz and Robin Ziebert (Sec)

Meeting began at 12:55

I. Ed Pilon’s Meeting with Darrell Maclean

Ed met with D. Maclean on June 6, 2011 regarding the condition of the docks.  Mr. Maclean stated  that  he had been told that the damage was severe and would require extensive repairs.  He assured Ed that he “would go out today” and that “the repairs would occur within two weeks “(by June 20).  As of this time, no work has been done.

Ed also discussed the issue of boats docking for extended periods at the public docks.  Mr. Maclean agreed that this was a problem.

Ed offered our suggestion that the Dock Attendants keep on on-going log of what boats remained docked each evening, and that after a boat had not moved for a week, Mr. Maclean would be notified.  Mr. Maclean said that that would be a good idea.  When Ed asked how he would respond to such situations, Mr. Maclean said that he would “contact the owner”.

Jim reminded the Board that we had already been told that the Town had no legal right to enforce any limitation of boat docking time, as there was no bi-law on the books enabling them to do so.  Robin agreed and asked if anyone knew the process for introducing a new bi-law.  No one did.  Robin will talk with Councilman Ambeault regarding the process.

Mr. Maclean informed Ed that our dock attendants for this year would be Tiagen (sp?) and Amanda.

Robin was asked to share this information in her letter to Councilman Solomon, in which we will again be requesting a meeting to discuss the Landing and Dock Attendants.  This letter was written and emailed on Thursday, June 16 and cc’d to Mayor Jensen and  Town Clerk Ken Corbiere.

II. Annual Meeting:

Ed restated details for the Annual Meeting.

Robin will post the following at the Welcome Hut and Landing:

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association
Annual Meeting
Saturday, July 16 2011
On the hill near the landing
Registration from 9 -10 AM
Meeting begins at 10AMPlease bring your own lawn chairs and Boat-pool

Set-up will need to be done the day before as it take a bit of work to get the new awning up.  Ed will oversee this task.

Robin will make or purchase 2 dozen muffins and pick up coffee from Horton’s.

Robin will send invitation to Town Council and personalized invitations to both Alex Solomon (Marina Committee) and Mayor Sue Jensen. Robin emailed the invitations on Thursday, June 16, 2011.

Robin will also type up agenda to be approved at July 12 Board Meeting and run off copies of the Agenda and other hand-outs for the Annual Meeting.

Attending members discussed various items to be included in Agenda. (See Attached)

III. Treasury Report

At this time no dues have been received.  Robin mistakenly thought the Board had agreed to raise the dues to $15 and had listed them as such in the recent News Letter.  This is not the case. The Board will discuss this at the July 12th meeting and Robin will make a retraction if this proves not to be the case.

Checking account balance is $938.82

GOC’s balance is $10,830.11

IV. Family Fun Day
Nancy Hartz, Committee Chair, discussed the various elements that will be part of Family Day.

Confirmed items:

  • Bake Sale
  • Flea Market
  • Craft Corner
  • Trapper’s Interactive Display (Olsons)
  • Teacher’s Bay History Book Sales (Janet Servatius)

Possible items:

  • Water Quality Presentation ( D. Brennan)
  • Conservation Handouts or Display (D. Hamlin)
  • Boat Safety Handouts or Display (W. Berthelot)
  • Face Painting

Robin will write a letter requesting participation to W. Berthelot and D. Hamlin.

V. Other Items

Nancy said that the Special Project Committee would like to use some of the funds made at the Family Fun Day to purchase a sign directing people to Lake Matinenda to be added to the sign post at Highway17 and Huron.

Ed asked members to think about what charities the Association  should make donations to this up-coming year.  He suggested the Food Bank and Timber Village again and those attending agreed. He will ask the membership for suggestions at  the Annual Meeting, and the Board can make the final decision following that.

In reference to Robin’s desire to ask the membership’s opinion regarding her desire to contact the province about adjusting the property assessment formula for Lake Matinenda, Ed asked that she have her information printed and available for the July 12 Board Meeting.

Meeting ended at 2:15PM