Board Meeting, August 2009

Lake Matinenda Cottage Association Board Minutes
22 August 2009

Called to order at approximately 1:05 pm.

Directors Present: Dave Hall, Jim Hamilton, John Grabowski, Ed Pilon (President), Robin Ziebert (Secretary)

Also Present: Ron Servatius (Special Advisor) and Mary Jane Grabowski (Visitor)

Absent: Janet Servatius, Tom Dool and Chris Brandt (News Letter Publisher)

I: Letter regarding Dock Attendants
E.P. received a letter dated 13 August, 2009 from Ken Corbiere, A.M.C.T. Clerk Administrator/Treasurer. Apparently there has been some confusion regarding the responsibilities of the Dock Attendants. We are reminded that the Dock Attendants work for the city, not the Association, and that any concerns or issues regarding their performance should be addressed to Darrell MacLean (705-356-7026) rather than to the attendants themselves.
Although a list of the Dock Attendants responsibilities has been posted in the Welcome Hut, it was agreed that a copy will appear in the next issue of the Association Newsletter, along with Mr. MacLean’s name and phone number. Robin will attain a copy of the responsibilities from Mr. MacLean’s office and email it to Chris Brandt for the newsletter.
Robin will also write a response confirming our appreciation for our Attendants, our history of great relationships with same and our intention to clarify their responsibilities with all of our members.
II: Appointment of New Association Treasurer
In light of our desperate need for a Treasurer, Linda Hamilton has graciously agreed to act as the Emergency Acting – Treasurer until the next General Meeting. Mrs. Hamilton will meet with Jerry Behnke (Former Treasurer) and Ed for transition directions and the passing on of materials.
Dave motioned for this appointment to be approved. Ed seconded. Motion carried.
Signing members for all financial documents will hereby be Ed Pilon, Linda Hamilton and Robin Ziebert.
III. Godfrey Island
The designation “Godfrey Island” has now been officially recognized by the Provincial Government.
IV. Launching Pad and Wharf (a.k.a. Sea Wall)
Ed Pilon asked the Board Members to review the changes for the Launch ramp/wharf proposed by Len Ivison of the Tulloch Consulting Group. Said letter suggests creating a new, more durable gravity structure along the water’s edge and a new launching pad.
Ed noted some concern over the widening of the launch pad which would potentially allow for the on/off loading of two boats at a time. Ron Servatius and Dave Hall both mentioned concerns over possible resulting traffic issues. John Grabowski mentioned seeing a five boat line waiting to use the launch. Ed suggested a wider ramp would help with barge traffic. Jim Hamilton noted that there was currently only one barge on the lake and that it has traditionally moved aside when others boats were present.
Ed restated that he would request that the Directors review the documents in more depth and send him any questions or concerns. If needed, he will arrange to meet with a city official to discuss the issue.
V. Letter from Janet Servatius (Board Member and Liaison for Donations and Events Committee)
Janet wanted the board to know that she is pursuing information and costs for the possible “Welcome Sign” with Laird’s Signs, discussed at the July Board Meeting.
Janet asked if a confirmed date had been set for the 2010 Rock Bass Tournament. Jim Hamilton replied that the Tournament would occur on July 31st and that Tony Hefner would be assisting him in the planning and execution. He also noted that Association money would be needed for this project.
Janet mentioned two possible dates for a Matinenda Family Day. The committee hopes and plans for this event to occur outside the Lodge, but would like to gain the owners to move the event inside should the weather be uncooperative.
In response to Janet’s request for possible future donations, Ron Servatius noted that his wife, Sue, had suggested a printer for the library computers.
VI. Condolence Cards
Ed Pilon motioned that condolence cards be sent from the Association at the event of deaths in our Lake Community, or of local residents instrumental to lake activities. A card for Ida Kennedy will be sent immediately.
Robin Ziebert seconded the motion and suggested that as Secretary she take over this assignment.
All members are requested to send notification of such losses to Robin using the contact form on the website.
VII. Matinenda Lake Website
Ed Pilon reminded the Board that all members should be encouraged to submit pictures and notes to be displayed on our website. Ron Servatius recently captured a number of fabulous pictures of a young bear that visited his cottage last week. He has promised to send them in as soon as possible.
Ron took this moment to also let the board know that Rice has been informed of the change in Secretary, and has been given Robin’s name and email address.
VIII. Water Level
Ed informed the board that he had recently met Mr. Lipenski, the new administrator for water levels in our area. Mr. Lipenski assured Ed that any and all issues regarding this issue would be taken care of. Ed plans to meet with Mr. Lipenski to share and discuss the matter further. Ed will be taking eight years of monthly monitoring records with him to this meeting.
VIIII. Three Year Plan
Previously, Ben Denaro suggested that the Board create a Three Year Plan. He submitted an example.
Robin suggested that at the end of every Board meeting, she could create a “To Do List” identifying the items each member was in charge of pursuing. Other members agreed that would be a good idea. Robin will begin doing so as of this meeting. Robin also noted that she intends to create a project time lines for reoccurring issues that have been faced by the board over the years, such as garbage, the docks and fishing.
IX. Information Signs
Robin asked if it might be possible to purchase a glass covered changeable sign to be attached to the Welcome Hut. It could be easily changed and up-dated. Mary Jane Grabowski voiced concerns over possible vandalism. Robin then asked if the wall of the Welcome Hut that faces the landing could be used as an Association Information Center. Ed said he would speak to the city about it. Robin offered to draw up a plan of what we intend.
Robin asked if other lakes have Welcome Signs and if the city paid for them. Ed and Robin will try and find out.
X. Constitution
Ed shared with the board that the Association’s Constitution was last amended in 1991. He proposed that several Board Members work on updating/revising/expanding the Constitution and Bi-Laws to reflect. Dave and John volunteered to take on this project and report back to the board in the spring. Dave will contact FOCA to get a copy of their constitutions and possibly other lake associations. Robin will make and send copies of past Association Constitutions and Bi-Laws.
XI. F.O.C.A. and Fish
Jim Hamilton has been approved as a member of F.O.C.A.’s Fish Management Committee for Zone 10. He was proposed for this position in October of 2009, and after Ed made numerous phone calls, we were notified of his acceptance.
Zone 10 stretches from South of Wawa, up to Timmons and over the French River. It encompasses a large number of lakes. When policy is set for this zone, the board must take into considerations the needs of lakes with borderline fish populations and those with healthier numbers. Using this information an average is calculated and used to develop fishing limits and seasons. This is intended to stop the situation in poorer lakes from negatively impacting healthier ones. Ex. Closing one lake to fishing for a year would increase the fishing on surrounding lakes, thus decreasing their numbers.

Dave motioned for the meeting to adjourn at 2:45 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Robin Ziebert.