Board Meeting, July 2009

Lake Matinenda Cottage Association
Board of Directors Meeting
15 July 2009

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. at Ed Pilon’s cottage house.

Present: Jerry Behnke, Jim Hamilton, Ed Pilon, Janet Servatius, Ron Servatius
Absent: Tom Dool, John Grabowski ; Guest: Nancy Harz, Donations Committee Chair

Reason for meeting: Review and Organization for the 2009 AGM.

    1. The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 25, 2009 at the Lodge. Registration will begin about 9:00 a.m., as in the past. The formal meeting will start at 10:00 a.m. The Lodge will not be available for kitchen services after the meeting. Tim Horton’s will provide refreshments starting at 9:00 a.m.
    2. It was agreed Ben Denaro’s suggestion of a 5 year financial plan be put on hold since we are not spending enough to need one at this time. Input at the AGM may change this thinking, however.
    3. The comparative lake assessments report is ready and will be presented.
    4. It will be reported by councillors that the retaining wall engineering plan is not ready to be presented, according to Mayor Gallagher, as requested last year.
    5. Safety and related equipment at the dock was brought up in light of a another person who couldn’t get out of the water until a rescue was made by another, who had to search for something to help the struggling person. The town refused in to put life rings, poles, lines, ladders because of insurance issues. Dock attendants are not trained as life savers. The town states once safety equipment is put in place, they are liable to keep it maintained 24 hours a day, but they are still liable should something happen without it. The thinking seems to be people should be responsible for themselves and be dependent on provided safety aides, that may be gone at a time of need. We will bring this up again at the AGM since the Marina has some safety items available. We also felt a reminder sign reiteration at the AGM to the Councillors that “Everyone should wear a life jacket when going near the water” is again necessary.
    6. Jim Hamilton work with Reggie of the waste hauling company only requires the word for dumpsters to be moved into a designated area cleared of vehicles, and the old area cleaned up.
    7. Jim Hamilton said only 3 of 5 dumpsters are being used, and major dump items are found inside bins instead of garbage, not always from lake residents. Also, people leave garbage outside full dumpsters rather than going to an empty one. Ron Servatius suggested dumpster etiquette for everyone’s edification be posted on the website.
    8. Jim Hamilton reported the Rock Bass Tourney is canceled this year.
    9. The Lodge has new ownership, but will not be open until next year for food and lodging by Joe and Debbie Susi. RV, Laundry and Dock Shop facilities are open, now.
    10. Water Quality Reports will be given by Dick Brennan or Jerry.
    11. MNR Fish Management report is the same as last year: 2010 is the time for fish dates and limits to change. Jim Hamilton is Ed Pilon’s replacement, and FOCA is aware.
    12. We will have a Fish Management speaker from Sault Ste. Marie who will talk about infective foreign pests coming into the lakes.
    13. Hazardous Waste Collection is in Town on July 25. Paint disposal by Home Hardware is possible. Paint purchased will have a surcharge attached to pay for the disposal of old paint. Dump days for major items and appliances are posted in the Welcome House.
    14. Ed will ask for a new replacement volunteer for Hannali Dool to do the Newsletter.
    15. The directors felt we should approach the Town Councillors at the meeting for a “Welcome to Matinenda” sign with our website,, also printed on it. Everyone was pleased with the website development and changes.
    16. Donations Committee Chair, Nancy Harz, asked for more ideas for donations on promotions and goodwill between the Association and Blind River, this summer. She reported $400 had been given to the library, and more money for support might be a good cause for a really great improvement in computer ability. Ron, Ed, and Jerry suggested donations to agencies to help the needy, the hospital, Food Bank and talking to Councillor Lila Cyr, Events Chair for areas of need.
    17. The treasurer and secretary had nothing new to report since the last meeting. Reports will be printed for the AGM.
    18. There is no charge for brush burning permits from the town secretary (not campfires), as the 3 free dump passes for items not to be put in the dumpsters.
    19. Fire danger is increasing and Ed will ask Mike Luxon to announce fire bans on the CB as he gets the information.
    20. Bear encounters are increasing in McDonald, and Sullivan bays, up the lake and in Elliot Lake.
    21. Ron will do the Memorium Mentions: John “johnny5” Baird and any others.
    22. Election of directors: Jerry Behnke wanted time off, and will not be available for re-election after 11 years on the Board. Ron Servatius said he had 15 or more years on the Board and is not planning on re-election, also. It is time for new blood.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Servatius, Secretary/Director