Board Meeting, August 2008

The minutes of the August 13, 2008 “End-of-Season” Board Meeting have been posted. All correspondence noted in the minutes has been sent as of September 7th, 2008. Some people may have been overlooked during the thank you’s — if we missed you, please accept our apologies!

Board Minutes Wednesday, 13 August 2008 1:00 pm @ Ed Pilon’s

Directors Present: Jerry Behnke, Tom Dool, John Grabowski, Jim Hamilton, Ed Pilon, Janet Servatius, Ron Servatius, Meeting started at 1:08 p.m.

  1. Ed Pilon started a review of the 2008 AGM minutes after Ron Servatius handed out copies of correspondence and a draft of AGM minutes. Ron asked for a review of content, noting there were some typo’s. Ed mentioned water levels should be watched on the lake by all residents and concerns should be phoned in to the MNR so it can act responsibly. A few clarifications were made by Board members to ensure understanding of the minutes by all. Support of report was by acclamation. Letters of appreciation were asked for, since no ceremony was made at the AGM for retiring members LMCA Board members Dick Brennan and Beetli Kiernicki. Letters of appreciation for Vern Peterson and Ken Kennedy for their attendance at the AGM were also directed.
  2. Motion made by Jerry Behnke for Ed Pilon to continue as President (2nd year). John Grabowski second. All in favor.
  3. Ed asked for nominations for Secretary. No new names came up. I said I would stay. Ron Servatius approved for Secretary by acclamation.
  4. Ed asked for Treasurer candidates. No new names came up. Jerry would stay. Jerry Behnke approved for Treasurer by acclamation.
  5. Ron made a motion for the position of vice-president to involve more people as long as more directors were now on the board. It was suggested a present officer might take on a VP position. It was also suggested we have enough members of the board who can speak for all. No second. Dead.
  6. Review of the minutes continued and Nancy Harz, Donation/Events Committee Chair will receive Board Director Janet Servatius as the liaison to committee for the Board. Recommendations will be funneled through her for executive approval/payment.
  7. Motion for Ron to write a letter to Councillor Vern Peterson, Finance Chair as a reminder about his promise for an engineering plan by next summer per Tom Dool/second by Jerry and approved.
  8. Treasurer Jerry Behnke reported a few administrative expenses, primarily the website payment for the year of $60, a bank balance of $2486.66, and a paid to date membership of 75. An up-to-date, end-of-fiscal year investment certificate statement has not yet been received. The most recent was given at the AGM, as $11015. Costs for a newsletter were discussed, (around $700) and it was agreed that all paid members get a copy and we would try an outreach to as many lake residents as possible. The $2000 budget limit for the Donations/Events committee was discussed. Consensus allowed spending even into the investment interest funds and not just checking account capital. Board consensus did not include other general administrative expenses, and recurring events (like the Newsletter, which Hannahli Dool will do with Ron Servatius as the Board liaison) as part of the total package. Tom Dool and Jim Hamilton were in favor of doing a 2009 Rock Bass Tournament for good will and fun, socialization and tackling a problem. They hoped Tony Hepler would also jump in. The Board would be involved. There were no objections. (Since then Ron was told by Jim Hogg he would be a willing partner of this activity.) Handling the fish offal would be taken care of and the subject of MNR fish reports came up. Ed said he would like an alternate for the Fish Management Committee he is on for MNR Zone 10. Jim Hamilton was chosen by Jerry. Second by Ed and all were in favor.
  9. Newsletter will have items of interest and concern, including parking restrictions, events and correspondence summaries, and will list links to sites like the Lake Partners Program and have reminders like: 3 free dump passes per year, “your pooch pooped, you scoop” and forms or links on the website to provide information on lake history (Beetli/Janet still doing.) Jim Hamilton really liked the Teacher’s Bay book.
  10. Ed said he will meet with Town officials this week on issues of garbage, poles on the docks, life rings, lines.
  11. Tom Dool thought we ought to have a 5 year projected plan/budget for activities to dovetail with Town objectives. Former Board member and a financial manager, Ben Denaro provided a sample plan for Tom. The Board decided to put this off till spring when a special meeting could be held to take a comprehensive look at the proposal.

The meeting ended with social activity for acquaintance and story telling at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Ron Servatius, Director/Secretary