Board Meeting, July 2007

Lake Matinenda Cottage Association Board Meeting

For Thursday, 16 July 2007, 4:00 p.m.
at Jerry Behnke’s House

Election of Officers:
Motion by Jerry Behnke for Ed Pilon as President. Second by Dick Brennan. All yes.
Motion by Ed Pilon for Ron Servatius as Secretary. Second by Dick Brennan. All yes.
Motion by Jerry Behnke for Beetli Kiernicki as Treasurer. Declined.
Motion by Beetli for Jerry Behnke as Treasurer. Second by Dick Brennan. All yes.

Discussions: Need locals for President and Treasurer. Beetli will not run next year. New blood needed.

Address of Dock Retaining Wall Issues and Water Safety features on the Docks: Each item considered separately. Motion by Ron for a letter to Town Council asking for a meeting to discuss issues and options. Beetli second. Discussion: Request low key meeting for action at the earliest possible convenience with the appropriate town council representative in charge of the committee for marina maintenance to discuss problems (like space available), options (like moving docks a bit), funding sources (like grants, other), design (ideas given: cement, cantilever with board/rubber bumper, remove impediments to on off loading like flush ring mounts), contractor complaints and cottager safety. All yes. Motion by Ron for a letter to Town alerting them about the near drowning of an adult non-swimmer, requesting action to improve dock now. Beetli second. Discussion: For lake resident Joe Lopez, at the docks when he flipped out when entering his boat and could not climb out onto the docks or rocks and others, signs are needed as reminders that non-swimmers need to wear life jackets around water and have required equipment in boat. Also, we need to have throw rings and lines at the dock for all and have low level grab line around docks for those who fall in water to hang on. Do not have ladders which would encourage swimming around the docks. All yes.

Address of Men and Women’s Sanitary Facilities: Motion by Ron for a letter to Town to have the toilets doubled at the landing and both moved to the top of the hill for privacy and to alleviate odour problems. Ed Pilon seconded. Discussion: One toilet should be labeled “Women” and not have urinal on the side. Smell of a single toilet from a lot of use drives people from the “Welcome” house. All yes.

Helo Pad Relocation alternative by Thiel’s: Beetli reported Chris Russell and ORANG are preparing final approval of Seagull Rock as a landing site. The site was cleaned by the Rangers and painted by Beetli and Dick on 9 August 2007. A walkover for final approval is imminent. Then, we will have a reference number for the site as an Emergency Helopad. At the same time Ted Thiel’s area will be checked for feasibility as a second site having a second reference number. There is no problem getting two sites close together, but proper clearing of hazards is necessary for approval.

Other (New Business): Motion by Jerry that all bills be paid now before directors leave town for the season. Beetli seconded. All yes. Motion by Jerry that Jeff Rice (Dr. Karen Rice’s son) be our Webmaster and site developer for the LMCA. Beetli seconded. All yes. Motion by Ron that we send a letter to Town requesting Dock attendants be trained and placed sooner and retained for the summer season because of the many seniors who stay on. Dick seconded. Discussion: note Town should be included about Jesse Gibson’s exemplary work ethic which could serve as a model and the hiring of more capable staff, especially males here when there is only one attendant. All yes.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.