Board Meeting, August 2005

Lake Matinenda Cottage Association
Minutes of Directors’ Meeting

Call to Order August 22, 2005 @ 4:26 p.m.
Present: Jerry Behnke, Dick Brennan, Beetli Kiernicki, Ed Pilon, Ron Servatius

Officers to remain the same by acclamation: President -Jerry Behnke, Secretary -Ron
Servatius, Treasurer -Ed Pilon, MNR Liason and Scientific Studies -Dick Brennan,
Special Projects-Beetli Kiernicki.

The printed Minutes from the Annual General Meeting, August 06, 2005 were read by the secretary and corrected by the directors: Header of meeting date August 06, 2004 was corrected to read August 06, 2005. Ed corrected his GIC account numbers from $10,390.95 to $10,324.31. The June 28 bank statement was shown to the directors.

The Treasury report listed 88 paid memberships to date, no bills in arrears, and a chequing account balance of $1495.51 as of August 18, 2005, in addition to the Savings of $10,324.31.

Presidents report :

  • Jones, building inspector from the Town has the green 911 signs for Matinenda residents
  • MNR’s regional supervisor Dick Hagman sent a letter to the LMCA stating liability issues and insurance requirements prohibit a partnership agreement with lake residents to help maintain the Matinenda Dam at this time.
  • Recognition for rescuers of Dr. Karen Rice will be made with presentation of a very nice plaque and letter by Mike Brown, Minister of Provincial Parliament
  • June Krupka was inadvertently left off of the recognitions at the AGM, when she was the person making the 911 call and explaining the problem to start rescue efforts.
  • Emergency Medical Services Technician, John Spina, was listed as “John” in the minutes, and performed above the call of duty by volunteering to leave the shore and proceed into the bush to properly immobilize Karen Rice and prevent further injury during her transit to the hospital.
  • Karen Rice received flowers from the Association in the hospital and were delivered by Beetli and Gene Kiernicki in Toronto.

Action resulting from discussion of the rescue of Dr. Rice by acclamation of the directors:

  • Based on the information available at the time, the Board feels recognition of involved individuals as given at the AGM, with followup action for key individuals left off the namings, including a Newsletter story and attention from MPP Brown, about the efforts of these individuals, is sufficient action by the LMCA.

Other Business and Action:

  • Survey Forms about the Bell Tower are coming in. Mayor Gallagher has requested the results of the survey, which he wants to use for a tourism initiative to improve CELL tower coverage in this area.
  • Jerry will write a letter to Town Council about moving the date or having a second mid-summer date for the many taxpaying Lake Matinenda summer residents to drop off hazardous waste in mid July or early August. Additionally, he will review our need for more pickups, more containers and recycling containers, during the summer months.
  • Time and location of the 2006 AGM was discussed. Later a survey will be on- website and in the spring Newsletter. A similar but improved format will be followed as this year, probably at the Lodge in the late afternoon.
  • Paid up active members, who are property owners, have voting rights. Resident owner, inactive members, not paid-up, can not vote on how activities are run. Members who are not resident owners in proximity to Matinenda are not entitled to vote, but are entitled to Newsletters, input and other benefits.
  • Beetli will pursue the fish stocking issue and fish survey results. Get updates online and in the Newsletter.
  • Nancy Harz will be given information to publish, by each of the directors. Ron will be her liaison.
  • Beetli will be acquiring Boating Safety Activity books for kids next summer. They will be available at the AGM. She will also be acquiring a supply of Boating Safety Guides for Adults (available from OPP, Dock Attendants, Beer Store, Tourism Center too.)
  • Beetli will pursue around-the-lake cleanup activities with the MNR and its force of Junior Rangers.
  • The Source is the old Radio Shack/Unicorn Stationary store.
  • Ron will write a letter to Town Council requesting improvement of the Dock area, to the same standard as the Marina in town, with flowers and other landscaping; also fresh signage where necessary, e. g. no overnight parking, signs designating adequate vehicle, handicap and trailer parking, dock maintenance and replacement of the oldest dock.
  • Jerry or Beetli will be pursuing CPR Training for residents on the lake for next summer.
  • All the logs are in the Matinenda Dam. Water levels are still low because of the deficit rainfall amounts. (Dry Summer)
  • Samples of Water from 4 locations on Matinenda have been just submitted for E. coli and coliform bacteria checks. Results will be posted on our website:

Meeting adjourned at 6:23 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Ron Servatius, secretary/director.

August 24, 2005

Updates: Beryl Gibb, Councilperson for Blind River told Ron and his wife, Sue, in a chance meeting:

  • There is currently NO place to safely dump USED OIL.
  • The Issue of Hazardous Waste removal occurs once every two years and is expensive to the city, but she, as a member of the Ecological Resource Committee, which meets every 4th Thursday of the month at 4:30, except this month-which will be on Friday, will ask for a midsummer Hazardous Waste Pickup for the next time round, since Hazardous Waste Pickup was to be on the agenda, and she thought it was a good idea.
  • She will have Town Council write a letter to Bell about putting in a “repeater” to enhance cell tower service because of her needs (based on a call from Sue to son Russ and his cell tower tech friend for Verizon.)
  • MNR would be interested in off-shore obstructions attached to the shoreline which create safety hazards to boaters, according to Beryl Gibb. She is on the committee for MNR activities.