Letter to Board regarding water quality complaint

To: Board of Directors
From: Ed Pilon
Date: November 2009
Subject: Complaint made to Ontario Environmental Commission on septic systems and water quality at Lake Matinenda

An article (see attached) appeared in The Sault Star on Thursday, Nov. 5th regarding complaints made to Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment (MOE). Two applicants filed a request for investigation citing concerns over alleged inadequate and/or antiquated septic systems that are discharging waste into the lake. The reporter writing the article did contact me, however I did not reply as I did not receive the email until two days after the article had already gone to print. As a rule, I will not comment to any paper on any issue regarding our lake unless I have all of the information available on the subject. Continue reading Letter to Board regarding water quality complaint

Blue-green algae concerns on Algoma Lakes

The Blue-Green algae problem appeared on about 8 Algoma lakes this summer. The causes and consequences are outlined in this article and are very difficult to treat. The confirmed affected lakes were Devil, Bright and Desbarat, Bass, Echo, Upper Island, Lower Island, Round and Twin.

This could happen on Matinenda if we are not vigilant. More articles from Algoma Public Health on algae can be found here.