Property Assessments, 2008

By now you should have received your property assessment notice from MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation). Most Matinenda property assessments have increased by about 40% to be phased in over 4 years … about 10% per year. The total municipal assessment for the Town of Blind River has also increased by this amount. So what does this mean for your tax bill next year? There is good information about this at the website The FAQ section should answer most of your questions. While you are there, please sign the petition for revision of the assessment system.
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Blue-green algae concerns on Algoma Lakes

The Blue-Green algae problem appeared on about 8 Algoma lakes this summer. The causes and consequences are outlined in this article and are very difficult to treat. The confirmed affected lakes were Devil, Bright and Desbarat, Bass, Echo, Upper Island, Lower Island, Round and Twin.

This could happen on Matinenda if we are not vigilant. More articles from Algoma Public Health on algae can be found here.